Raspberry Cream Cake

By newlywedws

Saw this cake, and it looked yummy – a “doctored” cake mix! You could easily swap out the yogurt flavor and jam flavour...


Best fluffy simple frosting ever

By southerncross

I was searching for frosting recipe to inject into cake ball, and ran across a frosting recipe anonymously submitted on SugarDerby:...


Peanutbutter Fluff Buttercream

By SeriousCakes

I’ve been wanting to make a kind of lighter pb bc and thought that maybe marshmallow fluff would work. Oh wow, it turned out...


Snickerdoodle Cake w/Cinnamon Buttercream

By Jenthecakelady

This cake is delicious. It is reminiscent of my favorite cookie-the snickerdoodle. While it is not exactly like the snickerdoodle it is...


Quick Pour Fondant Icing

By Anonymous

This is a great Fondant recipe that can be tinted with paste food color if desired. Pour over the top of cakes or petit fours to make a...


Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Frosting

By meghanb

This frosting is rich and fudge-y. Good enough to eat right out of the bowl! Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Frosting Ingredients 1/2 cup...


Amazing Stabilized Whipping Cream

By Frankyola

I Love this whipping cream because it is not too sweet and it goes really good with the 3 leches cake, and it is good to make borders a...


The Best Royal Icing

By tiptop57

This icing can be used for easy piping, to make run outs or collars slowly add drops of water until desired consistency is reached....


Chocolate Whipped Cream

By dorslo

This is a wonderfully easy and yummy frosting. The only bummer is that the cake must be refridgerated. Chocolate Whipped Cream Ingredients...


Doctored Buttercream Dream

By sarah0418

I read the recipe for Buttercream Dream by AgentCakeBaker and doctored it a little, using Indydebi’s Dream Whip suggestion. I enjoy...


My Easy Buttercream Frosting

By kakes_by_kim

This is the best buttercream frosting that I have ever tried. I bake and decorate cakes part time to make a little extra money and this is...


Flour Frosting

By Dizzymaiden

Want that creamy light frosting you get from high-end bakeries. This is the one. It is less sweet than traditional buttercream. Plus, I...


Chocolate Ganache III

By pmw109

This recipe is form a family friend that is an amazing baker. Chocolate Ganache III Ingredients 1 cup heavy cream 2tbs butter 2tbs sugar...


Pina Colada Buttercream

By miasuzzette

Good with Pinneapple,Coconut or Butter Cake. Yummy =] Enjoy.. Pina Colada Buttercream Ingredients 2 Sticks of Butter ( Rm Temp ) 2 Cups of...


Easy Fudge Frosting

By prterrell

This is a very rich frosting that tastes almost exactly like a piece of fudge. It is not dark like a candy bar like the canned fudge...


Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Icing

By bcreamluv

Fellow vanilla loveres will appreciate this very vanilla icing. I used salted butter, 1/2 pure vanilla extract and 1/2 artificial Clear...


Cat's Twinkie Filling

By calicopurr

My mother made cupcakes with this filling when I was little. I loved Hostess goodies. Thanks Mom! ⥠Cat’s Twinkie Filling...


Simply smooth white buttercream

By jenan

I was tired of many buttercreams tasting like crisco so I did some trials and came up with this one. Its creamy, smooth, white and easy to...


Italian Buttercream Meringue Frosting - IMBC

By Heath

This makes a stable meringue from the cooked sugar beaten into it. This is a good buttercream to use in warm weather, but it will soften...


Royal Icing Letters

By SoldierJunkie

This is a little trick I use to make words to put on my cakes. It has a much more professional look than my chicken scratch writing. Royal...


Cakepro's Buttercream with Trans Fat Free Crisco

By Cakepro

This is a standard shortening-based American buttercream which I tweaked about 10 years ago and have been giving to my Wilton students ever...


Dark Chocolate Ganache Buttercream

By multilayered

This is the basic buttercream recipe with the Ganache mixed right in. It has more depth then chocolate frosting. I made it a couple times...


Top 5 Fruit Flavored Frostings

By LeanneW

Bored with the traditional vanilla flavored buttercream? Here are our top 5 fruit flavored frosting recipes you can use to fill or frost...


Italian Butter Cream!!!!! Try it you'll never go back to basic buttercream.

By YOUnique_Cakes

I don’t like shorting based recipes. I’m a fan of real butter and I don’t like super sweet either. I’m just as much...


Fabulous Faux IMBC!

By oopsydeb

This is a recipe I was making as a s’more filling and as it was coming together I realized how close it is to the consistency of IMBC...


No Other Cream Cheese Frosting Needed!

By cindy531

This frosting is simple & delicious. The only frosting you will ever need for your carrot or banana cake…trust me! Try not to eat it...