Strawberry Cream Cake Filling

By Anonymous

This is a very yummy strawberry cream filling you can use for cakes or as an ice cream topper Strawberry Cream Cake Filling Ingredients 1...


Coconut Cream Pie Cupcakes with Meringue Topping

By CakeMommyTX

All I can say is yummy! These little guys have all the goodness of a coconut cream pie wrapped up in the cuteness of a cupcake. Can also be...


Lemon Filling

By Anonymous

Lemony whipped cream filling. A wonderful filling for white, yellow, or citrus cakes. Lemon Filling Ingredients 3/4 cup white sugar 2...



By sherik

I wanted s rich decadent cake like the kind you pay $7.00 to $10.00 a serving for in better restaurants. I started playing with the “...


Creamy Nougat Filling

By chaos_cakes

Searching for a recipe for a nougat-like filling that resembled the nougat of a Snickers bar, I sought help from CC members. Likim...


Cookies & Cream Filling

By melissablack

Cookies & Cream Filling Ingredients 2 1/2 cups heavy cream 1/4 cup icing sugar 1/2 tsp vanilla 20 Oreos, crushed into medium pieces...


Cream cheese filling

By nikki1201

A favorite filling that I often use between layers. Especially wonderful with any fruit! Try a three layer sponge cake, each layer covered...


Delicious Coconut Filling

By Raymis

The first time I made this filling I put it in the fridge until I was ready for it. Next time once it cools I will put it directly on cake...


Coconut Mango filling

By Nitu

Here is the little different recipe of cake filling. You can use this filling any kind of cake that goes perfectly with mangos and coconut...


White chocolate filled chocolate cupcakes

By newlywedws

I saw these on Emeril’s food show…they looked yummy, and I’m guessing they could be changed from cupcakes, to a cake w/...


Chocolate Bar Pie Filling

By cakesdivine

This recipe is traditionally a pie filling but I use it as a filling for my cakes. It has the taste of chocolate icecream with the texture...


Easy pineapple filling

By mdutcher

This is a good, easy filling. Easy pineapple filling Ingredients 1 pkg. instant vanilla pudding 1 can crushed pineapple (with juice) 2 cups...


Raspberry Mousse Filling

By CakeL8T

I needed a light raspberry mousse filling for some cupcakes so I just started adding things. It’s really a very simple recipe and...


Chocolate Cookie Cake(no cherries)

By ilovetocook

Great for any party or occasion but bake ahead of time becuase cooling takes an hour. Chocolate Cookie Cake(no cherries) Ingredients 2-2/3...


Butter Pecan Cake - (WASC method)

By BeanCountingBaker

For a baby shower the Mommy-to-Be requested something with Bavarian cream filling but preferred white cake over chocolate. I did some...


Cappuccino Cake

By BeanCountingBaker

This is an adaptation from a Sandra Lee recipe posted on the Food Network Website. I served this at a party and it was the most popular...


Easy - Cream/Custard Filling (can be used with any pudding mix)

By ElizabellaCreativeCakes

I found this recipe on in my attempt to find a thick custard-type recipe to fill a cake. This recipe held up great and was so easy...


Caramel Pecan Filling

By jab2004

After trying to find a carmel pecan buttercream/filling to use for a butter pecan cake I came up with this one. You don’t have to...


Fresh Strawberry Cake Filling

By solma1129

Thank you to andimal123 at for this delicious filling! Ingredients # 2 1/2 cups of strawberries, halved or sliced thinner if...


Creme filling for cupcakes

By Lauralee915

I have found that any large caliber metal piping tip works well for filling cupcakes. Creme filling for cupcakes Ingredients 1/4 cup butter...


Ferror Rocher Filling

By fondantfrenzy

I invented this, very forgiving and yummy Ferror Rocher Filling Ingredients 1 Large Carton Heavy Whipping Cream 1 box of sugar free...


Cake fillings

By Anonymous

Cake fillings Ingredients There are several different options in this recipe Instructions Heated Chocolate Icing/Filling For a larger cake...


Perfect Chocolate Cake

By microbiology1

This is my mother’s Perfect Chocolate Cake. It is a favorite of all the chocolate lovers in our lives. Ingredients Cake: 1 C...


Cookies and Cream Buttercream

By kkswmmr114

A great way to add flavor and crunch in between the layers. Cookies and Cream Buttercream Ingredients Any buttercream icing Oreo cookies...


Uktimate Strawberry filling

By panchanewjersey

This is a very delicious, easy to make and tasty recipe. Can be used as a filling to a cake or a topping to a shortcake. My kids love it...


JaimeAnn's Lemon Filling

By JaimeAnn

JaimeAnn’s Lemon filling JaimeAnn’s Lemon Filling Ingredients 1&1/2 cups sugar 1/3 cup plus 1 Tablespoon cornstarch 1&1/2 cups...