Classic White Chocolate Buttercream on Cake Central

Classic White Chocolate Buttercream

By madcobbler

I am a serious chocolate lover so I came up with this recipe to go with a white cake filled with fruit(especially good with Strawberry or...

Carrot Cake on Cake Central

Carrot Cake

By joejessaustin

I was asked by a bride to make carrot cake for one of her layers. I panicked b/c I have never made a carrot cake. After several attempts...

Apple Cupcake/Caramel Apple Cupcake on Cake Central

Apple Cupcake/Caramel Apple Cupcake

By Osgirl

I have been searching for an apple cupcake when I decided to use Sprinkle’s strawberry cupcake and change it to an apple cupcake. It...

Quick Four ingredients Whip Buttercream on Cake Central

Quick Four ingredients Whip Buttercream

By LuvLyrics

This is a great recipe and you can add any flavor to it, melted semi sweet chocolate, butterscoth, white chocolate, oreo’s etc. B/c...

Quick & Moist Red Velvet w/Chambord Cream Cheese Filling on Cake Central

Quick & Moist Red Velvet w/Chambord Cream Cheese Filling


I’ve tried a number of scratch and box mix based red velvet recipes without success. Some were too dry, others too oily, etc. After...

Grama's Cupcake filling on Cake Central

Grama's Cupcake filling

By grama_j

This is a good recipe that reminds you of Ho-Hos or Twinkie filling Grama’s Cupcake filling Ingredients 2 teas. VERY hot water...

hazelnut filling/frosting on Cake Central

hazelnut filling/frosting

By sandra05

I made this for my husband’s birthday . chocolate cake ,filled first with chocolate ganache and then hazelnut filling. I made 2 9&...

Gooey Ooey Brownies on Cake Central

Gooey Ooey Brownies

By Lemmers

This was adapted from a recipe on GoodFood, a UK cookery website. I was looking for a really indulgent brownie to add my own twist to....

Best Chocolate Fudge Frosting on Cake Central

Best Chocolate Fudge Frosting

By daprincessnora

This chocolate fudge recipe is from pamela clark book from womens weekly series. What i most like about it that it doesnt require using...

Swedish "Bisvki" on Cake Central

Swedish "Bisvki"

By cawolina

This is a DELICIOUS recipe for Swedish “Biskvi”. “Biskvier” is something you can find in ANY bake/coffee shop in...

Coconut Cake on Cake Central

Coconut Cake

By paloma215

I made this recipe and we like it…. Ingredients CAKE •1 cup butter, at roo temperature •2 cups sugar •4 eggs •3...

Easy, microwave Lemon Curd on Cake Central

Easy, microwave Lemon Curd

By Kiwi777

This is a super-easy lemon curd recipe I got from an Australian Women’s Weekly magazine a number of years ago. I’ve served it...

Cookies and French Cream frosting on Cake Central

Cookies and French Cream frosting

By Erin3085

This is a recipe I tweaked a little and use as a filling for chocolate cakes, or a frosting for vanilla cakes. Could frost either, but I...

Cream Cheese Whipping Cream on Cake Central

Cream Cheese Whipping Cream

By Ballymena

This recipe tastes very good and will stay stiff for a couple of days if not in the heat. It’s great on cupcakes because it’s...

Easy Traditional English Victoria Sponge Cake on Cake Central

Easy Traditional English Victoria Sponge Cake

By nataliehix

CC user nataliehix shares a traditional and modern method for preparing a Victoria SpongeCake from scratch. This is a really...

Mtn Dew Frosting ( Mountain Dew) - on Cake Central

Mtn Dew Frosting ( Mountain Dew) -

By BlueBerryBaker

Made this to go with my Mtn Dew Cake recipe. This yields enough to cover and fill a 9″ cake. Will crust and is perfect for using...

Chocolate Stout Cake on Cake Central

Chocolate Stout Cake

By LeanneW

Ah… decadence at its best! This recipe for Chocolate Stout Cake and Ginger Whipped Cream is sure to satisfy any chocolate cravings....

Coconut Cream filling on Cake Central

Coconut Cream filling

By creatsacake

I noticed there were no too many recipes on here for coconut cream filling, a lot of my friends love this filling so I thought I would...

Ferror Rocher/Hazelnut filling on Cake Central

Ferror Rocher/Hazelnut filling

By fondantfrenzy

Ferror Rocher/Hazelnut filling Ingredients 1 Large Carton Heavy Whipping Cream 1 box of sugar free chocolate pudding 2 tsp of non flavored...

Fresh Strawberry Filling on Cake Central

Fresh Strawberry Filling

By txdiann

You must use FRESH strawberries. Cake needs to be refrigerated or kept cool. Fresh Strawberry Filling Ingredients Filling 2 pints...

Super Duper Rich Chocolate Cake With Cannoli Cream Filling on Cake Central

Super Duper Rich Chocolate Cake With Cannoli Cream Filling

By mizshelli

The only changes to this recipe I have is to use a 325 degree oven instead of 350. Super Duper Rich Chocolate Cake With Cannoli Cream...

Strawberry Fluff Filling on Cake Central

Strawberry Fluff Filling

By Anonymous

Used this in my first wedding cake and it was a HUGE hit! Great with yellow or white cake, I suppose it could also be used as a topping or...

Chocolate Ganache on Cake Central

Chocolate Ganache

By sweetaudrey

Smooth, creamy, frosting or filling. Ingredients 6 ounces semi-sweet chocolate. (Good quality…and not bakers chocolate) 3/4 cup...

Dark Chocolate Cake With Peanut Butter Mousse on Cake Central

Dark Chocolate Cake With Peanut Butter Mousse

By Rachel Conners

From the pages of  Cake Central Magazine 's November 2013 issue , Rachel Conners shares her recipe for the perfect chocolate peanut...

Tiramisu Cupcakes on Cake Central

Tiramisu Cupcakes

By LeanneW

Coffee Flavored Cake 1 white cake mix 3 eggs 1/3 cup oil 3/4 cup buttermilk 3/4 cup sour cream 1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract 1/4 cup...

Lemon/Lime Virgin Cocktail Cake on Cake Central

Lemon/Lime Virgin Cocktail Cake

By yummyfun3040

I am always trying to think up fun recipes to write. One of my favorite fruit flavors is lime and I thought I would put together a fun &...