Whipped Icing on Cake Central

Whipped Icing

By kcrossln

Very stable and does not melt at room temperature unlike many standard whipped cream frostings. It also makes a GREAT dip for fresh fruit &...

Nutella Truffle Filling on Cake Central

Nutella Truffle Filling

By linawoods

My family are Nutella addicted so when I was making my sister’s birthday cake I decided to experiment. This filling is by far the...

Oreo Cupcakes on Cake Central

Oreo Cupcakes

By MelaMang75

I posted a picture of these cupcakes in my photos. I got the recipe from an app on my phone. I love it when you make a recipe and they turn...

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes on Cake Central

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

By sue6123

For some reason, I was craving a pink lemonade cupcake and came up with this easy recipe using a white cake mix and a flavoured whipped...

Heirloom Frosting on Cake Central

Heirloom Frosting

By AmandaLP

This is a cooked flour frosting, traditionally found with Waldorf Astoria Red Velvet Cake, but it is good with many cakes. Ingredients 1...

Enhanced Cake Mix on Cake Central

Enhanced Cake Mix

By LisaMarie86

I use this recipe all the time for cupcakes that everyone raves about and says that they dont taste anything like box cake mix. Ingredients...

Firm carrot cake for carving and layering on Cake Central

Firm carrot cake for carving and layering

By suzannesaucepan

I found this recipe in The Australian Women’s weekly Cake decorating book a few years back. It produces a firm, dense cake perfect...

One Cup Royal Icing on Cake Central

One Cup Royal Icing

By LeanneW

We all have our favorite royal icing recipes, but sometimes they just don’t scale down right when you only need a little.This recipe...

Doctored Buttercream Dream on Cake Central

Doctored Buttercream Dream

By sarah0418

I read the recipe for Buttercream Dream by AgentCakeBaker and doctored it a little, using Indydebi’s Dream Whip suggestion. I enjoy...

Cinnamon Swirl Cake on Cake Central

Cinnamon Swirl Cake

By bethallan

Cinnamon and sugar create a magical combination in this cake recipe by Cake Central user bethallan. Top this with cream cheese frosting and...

Dulce de leche, DDL, quick and easy! on Cake Central

Dulce de leche, DDL, quick and easy!

By egensinnig

This is the fast track to lovely creamy dulce de leche. It takes 20 min instead of 3 hours. Ingredients 1 14-oz can sweetened condensed...

Chambord Cream Cheese Raspberry filling on Cake Central

Chambord Cream Cheese Raspberry filling

By stresseddesserts

This recipe goes great with my Pink Velvet buttermilk WASC cake recipe Ingredients 8 oz Cream Cheese (soften) 8 oz unsalted butter (soften...

Cream Cake Filling on Cake Central

Cream Cake Filling

By pennyemer

I made this and got rave reviews! I torte a chocolate cake, pipe it between the layers, then do a chocolate Ganache over top. I also...

Red Velvet Cheesecake on Cake Central

Red Velvet Cheesecake

By JTCake

I found this wonderful recipe on the internet. It says that it’s pretty close to the Cheesecake Factory version. I made it for a co-...

Butter Pecan Cake - (WASC method) on Cake Central

Butter Pecan Cake - (WASC method)

By BeanCountingBaker

For a baby shower the Mommy-to-Be requested something with Bavarian cream filling but preferred white cake over chocolate. I did some...

Peanut Butter Mousse on Cake Central

Peanut Butter Mousse

By Melody25

I found this recipe and its now a favorite filling on my chocolate cakes. Its very very rich and very smooth Peanut Butter Mousse...

White Chocolate Strawberry Ganache on Cake Central

White Chocolate Strawberry Ganache

By grama_j

The perfect filling for a vanilla cake, sweet and fruity. I wanted to make a chocolate ganache filling and realized I only had one package...

Award Winning Rich Dark Chocolate Cake on Cake Central

Award Winning Rich Dark Chocolate Cake

By tiptop57

This recipe took a ribbon at Minnesota’s State Fair. Award Winning Rich Dark Chocolate Cake Ingredients: 1/2 cup boiling water 4 Tbsp...

Darlin's Coffee Cake on Cake Central

Darlin's Coffee Cake

By Geechigirl

This was a favorite of mine! It was my grandmother’s recipe for her Coffee Cake. Ingredients • 3 ½ cups of sifted plain...

Double Shot Coffee Cupcake Recipe on Cake Central

Double Shot Coffee Cupcake Recipe

By ButRCream

Dark chocolate mocha cupcakes with vanilla bean latte swiss meringue buttercream and dark chocolate espresso beans! This completed recipe...

The best tasting icing I've ever had! on Cake Central

The best tasting icing I've ever had!

By pansy-girl

This is my favorite icing to use as far as tastiness goes, but it is a little hard to deal with on account of all the butter. The icing...

Doctored Costco Mousse recipe on Cake Central

Doctored Costco Mousse recipe

By josefina20

This is my version of the costco mousse. The original recipe was posted by Cakeladyatla. Hope you like this doctored version. Ingredients 1...

Chocolate Ganache Frosting on Cake Central

Chocolate Ganache Frosting

By partiqueen

I get rave reviews from chocolate lovers with this recipe. Ingredients: Amount...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake on Cake Central

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

By dmarvel

This recipe makes a perfect cookie cake. The cookie is soft, cuts perfectly and is delicious. Everyone loves it when I make it and it...

Pumpkin WASC variation on Cake Central

Pumpkin WASC variation

By stacylambert

I made this simple WASC variation for cupcakes, but they had a lovely texture and would be perfect for layer cake as well. The pumpkin in...

turtle cheesecake on Cake Central

turtle cheesecake

By mommyoffour

this is a delicious cheesecake i love baking so i’m always searching for recipes and change a few things my way Ingredients 4 packs...