Key Lime Cupcakes on Cake Central

Key Lime Cupcakes

By peeper422

Key-Lime cupcakes are dense and refreshing, even on hot summer days! Makes 18 cupcakes Ingredients Amount...

Dreamy Creamy White chocolate cream cheese frosting on Cake Central

Dreamy Creamy White chocolate cream cheese frosting

By cakesrock

This is fantastic with red velvet cake (Chef Stephs is what I use). And probably great with carrot cake too – just have not tried it...

All-Butter American Buttercream on Cake Central

All-Butter American Buttercream

By ButRCream

This has truly become my go-to recipe for frosting basic cakes and cupcakes when traditional American buttercream is requested – it...

Perfect Chocolate Cake on Cake Central

Perfect Chocolate Cake

By microbiology1

This is my mother’s Perfect Chocolate Cake. It is a favorite of all the chocolate lovers in our lives. Ingredients Cake: 1 C...

Diabetic Icing on Cake Central

Diabetic Icing

By marknrox

This icing will cover and decorate an 8-inch 2-layer round cake.` Diabetic Icing Ingredients 1 pint Whipping Cream 1 box Sugar Free Pudding...

Easy Yellow Cake on Cake Central

Easy Yellow Cake

By SeriousCakes

This recipe is so easy and soooo good! I like to swap out the vanilla and use other extracts, or add some lemon or orange zest-very good!...

Edna De la Cruz's Crusting Buttercream on Cake Central

Edna De la Cruz's Crusting Buttercream

By tonedna

Searching for your new favorite crusting buttercream recipe? Well, look no further! This delightfully simple buttercream recipe is a breeze...

Cream Cheese Pound Cake on Cake Central

Cream Cheese Pound Cake

By sarahnash_14

A great-tasting cake that’s really easy to do (I’ve done it as a beginner and I’ve gotten great results). It’s also...

Old Fashioned Sour cream fudge cake on Cake Central

Old Fashioned Sour cream fudge cake

By cakesrock

I had this a couple of times at my son’s friend’s b-day parties. His Mom was happy to share the recipe with me and all of you...

"Just Right" Cream Cheese Icing on Cake Central

"Just Right" Cream Cheese Icing

By MamaCakesNJ

Every cream cheese icing I tried seemed off…either too creamy, not cream-cheesy enough, too sweet, or too heavy. After many tries...

Cream Cheese Frosting (crusting) on Cake Central

Cream Cheese Frosting (crusting)

By SeriousCakes

Very easy, very tasty! This recipe will crust over after about 10 mins. For a stiffer frosting add an extra 1/2 c.- 1 c. powdered sugar....

Simply smooth white buttercream on Cake Central

Simply smooth white buttercream

By jenan

I was tired of many buttercreams tasting like crisco so I did some trials and came up with this one. Its creamy, smooth, white and easy to...

Heavenly WASC Cake on Cake Central

Heavenly WASC Cake

By 350BakerStreet

Thanks to KakeLadi, Denise2434 and (?). This is a WASC mixed up like the Heavenly White Cake recipe. It’s VERY moist and fine/medium...

Vanilla Pound Cake on Cake Central

Vanilla Pound Cake

By BlueRose8302

This is my favorite cake! My mother says it tastes like “A vanilla Milkshake.” This is the cake that I use for the bottom of a...

Brenda's Scratch Lemon Cake on Cake Central

Brenda's Scratch Lemon Cake

By tasteandseecakesaz

After searching high and low for a good, flavorful lemon cake that did not start with a box mix, I decided to combine some other recipes I&...

Italian meringue buttercream (IMBC) on Cake Central

Italian meringue buttercream (IMBC)

By Queequeg

I love this resipie. And it´s so perfect the texture so silky and smooth ( great that you can add flavorings if you whant). It´...

Cappuccino Cake on Cake Central

Cappuccino Cake

By BeanCountingBaker

This is an adaptation from a Sandra Lee recipe posted on the Food Network Website. I served this at a party and it was the most popular...

Crusting Caramel Buttercream Icing on Cake Central

Crusting Caramel Buttercream Icing

By zespri

Homemade dulce de leche makes this crusting buttercream delicious and sweet. Users have tried it on pumpkin cupcakes and even...

SugarDeaux Fast Dry, Quick Royal Icing on Cake Central

SugarDeaux Fast Dry, Quick Royal Icing

By SugarDeaux

Like so many other cookie decorators, I have struggled to find the best Royal Icing to suit my taste and fit my style of decorating. I have...

Bride's Cake on Cake Central

Bride's Cake

By Lillyscakes

This is the recipe that we use in Puerto Rico to make wedding cakes. INGREDIENTS 4 cups of self raising flour ( Gold Medal) 4 1/2 margarine...

Easy Fondant using stuff from you local store on Cake Central

Easy Fondant using stuff from you local store

By sberryp

I found this recipe online and always thought that it would not work, but I tried it and it came out great, so I wanted to share. This...

Simple 'n Moist Strawberry re-mix on Cake Central

Simple 'n Moist Strawberry re-mix

By WyoMom2b

This recipe will fill 2-10″, 2-6″ rounds and a few cupcakes left over. Simple and flavorful! I have used this recipe to carve...

Ferrero-Rocher-cake on Cake Central



Ingredients 300 g butter 300 g sugar 2 tsp vanillasugar (selfmade) 8 eggs 400 g ground hazelnuts (I´m not sure how many cups do you...

A+ Babana Cake on Cake Central

A+ Babana Cake

By daisyblue

This is a very moist & flavorful banana cake that has the taste of banana bread. Very yummy!! A+ Babana Cake Ingredients 3 1/4 cups all-...

Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes on Cake Central

Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes

By LeanneW

Everyone loves pumpkin spice lattes when the crisp fall weather blows in. Here is a pumpkin spice latte you can sink your teeth into! &nbsp...

Buttermilk yellow cake on Cake Central

Buttermilk yellow cake

By LaSombra

This is my basic yellow cake recipe. I use it for different types of cake as well, including strawberry, lemon, spice, tres leches, etc. I&...