Bavarian Cream Filling on Cake Central

Bavarian Cream Filling

By ShirleyW

This is such an easy filling and can be flavored with any extract you like, lemon, rum, coconut etc. But my best seller is to flavor it...

Marshmallow Buttercream on Cake Central

Marshmallow Buttercream

By Texie

This was a mix of pourable fondant and buttercream. Only 1 layer necessary, no crumb coat needed! Evens to a perfect smooth surface on it&...

Whipped Cream Buttercream Frosting on Cake Central

Whipped Cream Buttercream Frosting

By Gingoodies

I found this recipe on the Wilton website. It looked beautiful on the cake I saw. This frosting is made in two parts and they should not be...

Chocolate Buttercream (crusting) on Cake Central

Chocolate Buttercream (crusting)

By SeriousCakes

I used to use cocoa powder in my chocolate buttercream but I got so tired of the mess!! So, I decided to try melted chocolate and wow! This...

Crusting Lemon Cream Cheese Buttercream on Cake Central

Crusting Lemon Cream Cheese Buttercream

By Jesa

This is one kitchen experiment gone right! Cake Central user Jesa combined several favorite recipes and some tinkering along the way to...

White Chocolate Ganache Buttercream on Cake Central

White Chocolate Ganache Buttercream

By multilayered

This is a delicious alternative to cream cheese icing for Red Velvet Cake, and goes beautifully with many other cakes as well:) Ingredients...

Marshmallow Creme Buttercream on Cake Central

Marshmallow Creme Buttercream

By Anonymous

Delicate and fluffy, this marshmallow creme buttercream is simple, but delicious. Pair it with chocolate cake and top with graham wafer...



By milkmaid42

This is a recipe that always gets raves. It goes particularly well with a WASC or chocolate cake. INGREDIENTS 2 Pkgs. (8oz. each) Cream...

Flower paste on Cake Central

Flower paste

By snokellsam11

recipe is my teachers it is the best flower paste recipe ever so durable can roll transparent, can frill and strech it taken from www....

Velvet White Cake on Cake Central

Velvet White Cake

By JSKConfections

A delicious, rich white cake with a tender crumb that can only be described as “velvety”! Makes 7 1/2 cups batter, enough for...

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes on Cake Central

Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

By corpsequeen

I actually found this recipe online and it was the best cupcakes i have ever had in my life! My family and friends inhaled them! The...

Best Ever Red Velvet Cake Frosting on Cake Central

Best Ever Red Velvet Cake Frosting

By Kimbecupcake

This is one of the best icing recipes for Red Velvet Cake I have ever tasted. It is not too sweet but has a nice cream cheese flavor. It...

Boiled or Poured Sugar Recipe on Cake Central

Boiled or Poured Sugar Recipe

By rosamatsas

After posting my engagement ring cake, I’ve received many questions regarding the sugar recipe I used. It took me a couple of tries,...

Tres Leches Cake on Cake Central

Tres Leches Cake

By eperales0411

After trying several other recipes, this was by far the best! It has a nice firm texture, absorbs the milks very well, and best of all, is...

Best Butter Cream Ever! on Cake Central

Best Butter Cream Ever!

By kdoyle003

This butter cream is great for any cake I am using a french vanilla flavoring but any flavor can be added. Ingredients 2lb Powder Sugar 2...

Easy - Cream/Custard Filling (can be used with any pudding mix) on Cake Central

Easy - Cream/Custard Filling (can be used with any pudding mix)

By ElizabellaCreativeCakes

I found this recipe on in my attempt to find a thick custard-type recipe to fill a cake. This recipe held up great and was so easy...

White Chocolate Buttercream on Cake Central

White Chocolate Buttercream

By shanney54

This is my favorite white chocolate frosting to make. I’m trying to learning different (ex: harder) techniques, but for right now...

Moist Lemon Cake on Cake Central

Moist Lemon Cake

By makupwmn

Threw ingredients together to get a cake with a texture between pound cake and cake. Huge Hit!!!!! Extremely Moist!!!! Pairs up great with...

White Balsamic American Buttercream on Cake Central

White Balsamic American Buttercream

By -K8memphis

Wishing for a room-temperature-stable cream cheese frosting? user -k8memphis has developed the next best thing. This...

Pink Champagne on Cake Central

Pink Champagne

By DiscoLady

I’ve received so many requests for this recipe that I decided to post it in here for everyone to enjoy. This cake is ultra-moist and...



By jenscreativity

This poundcake is AMAZING!! After doing my research on what fit for the southern, traditional pound cake, I came up with Paula Deen’s...

Totally Yummy Pineapple Filling on Cake Central

Totally Yummy Pineapple Filling

By Anjuli

I practiced my wedding cake today and I really wanted pineapple & cream cheese as the filling between layers. I was going to try goldenegg&...

Rick's Special Buttercream on Cake Central

Rick's Special Buttercream

By princesscatt

I have been searching for a buttercream recipe that was light and fluffy but still rich and delicious. Found this one on and...

Creamy and refreshing raspberry filling on Cake Central

Creamy and refreshing raspberry filling

By Lillian09

I was looking for a raspberry filling that was not too soupy and that didn’t soak into the cake as much. After several experiments I...

Pineapple Angel Food Cake on Cake Central

Pineapple Angel Food Cake

By Hollandy

This is the easiest, fail proof recipe you can make and it is perfect in the summer for cook outs. I love it plain, no icing, but I’...

The Best Tres Leches Cake on Cake Central

The Best Tres Leches Cake

By mamapastel

This recipe is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I have used this recipe to make my cousins wedding cake! The Best Tres Leches...