Flour Frosting on Cake Central

Flour Frosting

By Dizzymaiden

Want that creamy light frosting you get from high-end bakeries. This is the one. It is less sweet than traditional buttercream. Plus, I...

Cream Cheese Buttercream on Cake Central

Cream Cheese Buttercream

By aznlepercon

I used this buttercream recipe for red velvet cake, it’s not too sweet and it turned out very yummy! if you want your frosting to be...

Peach Cobbler cake/cupcakes on Cake Central

Peach Cobbler cake/cupcakes

By BakerzJoy

I have been intrigued lately to create cake flavor combinations. This recipe was inspired by the classic southern dessert here in Georgia,...

Darn Good Chocolate Cake on Cake Central

Darn Good Chocolate Cake

By mohara

This recipe is from the Chocolate Cake Mix Doctor book and it is awesome. It is rich and chocolatey and tastes out of this world. Team it...

Coconut Cake on Cake Central

Coconut Cake

By Davina_Alloway

I found this recipe in a Betty Crocker Recipe Magazine and tweaked it a little. I swear by Duncan Hines. I think it has the most flavor and...

Sugarshack's Buttercream Icing on Cake Central

Sugarshack's Buttercream Icing

By sugarshack

Beloved as a favorite recipe on CakeCentral.com, Sugarshackâs Buttercream Icing is revered for it's great flavor and ease of use...

Vanilla Butter Cake on Cake Central

Vanilla Butter Cake

By fairmaiden0101

This recipe is so delicious!! It holds up perfectly under fondant yet is moist. I quadrupled it, and it made 1 10 by 3 in round and 1 8 by...

add to boxed cake on Cake Central

add to boxed cake

By Beccaboo9397

Got this recipe from the internet somewhere and it has not failed me! Taste great and is so moist!!!! Add ingredients to any boxed cake to...

Dark Chocolate cake (grandma's recipe) on Cake Central

Dark Chocolate cake (grandma's recipe)

By LaSombra

I used to keep this recipe secret when I had a baking business. Now, I just bake for family and friends upon request. My grandmother found...

Blackberry Butter Cream Icing/Filling on Cake Central

Blackberry Butter Cream Icing/Filling

By lutie

This is another version of my Strawberry Butter Cream Filling that has been increasing in popularity on Cake Central. This Blackberry...

Perfect Red Velvet on Cake Central

Perfect Red Velvet

By Foxicakes

I have been trying and trying to find a recipe that lived up to my expectations. One that is moist, yet dense and can stand up to being...

Carrot Cake on Cake Central

Carrot Cake

By auntbeesbaking

I got this recipe from a different web site and it’s to die for! This recipe is so good in fact, it was requested by my son and...

DOMINICAN CAKE on Cake Central


By Cindy023

This recipe is quite popular in the Spanish speaking community. Ingredients 4 sticks of salted butter (Hotel Bar) 2 cups of granulated...

Pineapple Coconut WASC on Cake Central

Pineapple Coconut WASC

By CiNoRi

I looked high and low for a flexible recipe for stacking and carving. Thanks to Macsmom’s Orange Dreamsicle Cake. I was inspired to...

Chocolate Cake For Carving on Cake Central

Chocolate Cake For Carving

By heartsfire

Carving, or sculpting, cakes requires a cake with a dense crumb that won't fall apart while you're working with it. Try this doctored...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Icing/Filling on Cake Central

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Icing/Filling

By dmarvel

I saw mentions of an eggless chocolate chip cookie frosting, but no recipe here on CC. I found this one online and it is fantastic! My...

Italian Butter Cream!!!!! Try it you'll never go back to basic buttercream. on Cake Central

Italian Butter Cream!!!!! Try it you'll never go back to basic buttercream.

By YOUnique_Cakes

I don’t like shorting based recipes. I’m a fan of real butter and I don’t like super sweet either. I’m just as much...

Caramel Cream Filling on Cake Central

Caramel Cream Filling

By SRumzis

This is a creamy tweak on fragglerock1′s caramel filling. It light and fluffy, but still has a strong caramel flavor and feel, and it...

Easy "Yummy" Buttercream on Cake Central

Easy "Yummy" Buttercream

By PamperedPumpkin

Sooooo….. I have been utterly dis satisfied by some butter creams, and the disgusting artificial waxy flavor. Not really a fan of &...

Crusting Chocolate Buttercream Frosting on Cake Central

Crusting Chocolate Buttercream Frosting

By momtofourmonkeys

I developed this chocolate recipe as a result of needing a crusting chocolate that could withstand the Texas heat. After I started a thread...

The Best Buttercream Ever on Cake Central

The Best Buttercream Ever

By arkirose

I got this recipe from a friend about 6 years ago. I love it. I did change the flavoring from vanilla to almond & butter flavoring....

Chocolate Mousse Cream Filling on Cake Central

Chocolate Mousse Cream Filling

By cheriej

I’ve been looking for a good, rich chocolate mousse filling that doesn’t involve egg yolks. I didn’t like any of the...

French Vanilla Buttercream on Cake Central

French Vanilla Buttercream

By luvbuttercream

I was needing to try making a recipe with no egg whites (I usually use SMBC) As well as minimal lactose. I had a recipe for Special Butter...

Crusting ButterCream (Faux Fondant) II on Cake Central

Crusting ButterCream (Faux Fondant) II

By Anonymous

Crusting Buttercream for that perfectly smooth faux fondant effect. Crusting ButterCream (Faux Fondant) II Ingredients 1 1/2 cups crisco 1/...

Rolled Buttercream Icing Recipe on Cake Central

Rolled Buttercream Icing Recipe

By JennaB

If you don’t like the taste of fondant, try this recipe for rolled buttercream that can be used to cover a cake or cookies. It offers...

Lemon Cream Filling on Cake Central

Lemon Cream Filling

By Mamacitadedos

I was looking for a creamy lemon filling that did not require cooking and came across a nice recipe on cooks.com that was paired with an...