Irrsistible Jif peanut Butter Cookies

By cupcakegirly

These are super good peanut butter cookies. I got it off of a peanut butter jar. Ingredients Amount...


Eggnog Cookies With Eggnog Frosting

By all4cake

I came across this recipe while looking to make holiday cookies. It is smooooooth and creamy and oh so yummy! IT CRUSTS TOO! Even still,...


Peanut Butter Holiday Cookies

By momtofourmonkeys

A couple of months back I was looking in my fridge for a way to “kick up” my peanut butter recipe a notch and grabbed the dried...


All-Nighter Cookies

By chelleb1974

This is not my recipe, I found this recipe in a book and it is so good I just had to share it. It was in ‘Cherry Cheesecake Murder&...


Peanut Butter Roll-out Cookies

By GeminiRJ

I found this recipe in a Cross Stitch magazine…of all places! I made a 1/2 batch to see how they would work and taste (it’s a...


Best Ever Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies

By bsawyer78

Best Ever Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies Ingredients 3 oz. cream cheese (softened) 2 sticks salted butter (softened) 1 cup sugar 1/2 tsp. salt...


Cookies and Cream Buttercream

By kkswmmr114

A great way to add flavor and crunch in between the layers. Cookies and Cream Buttercream Ingredients Any buttercream icing Oreo cookies...


How to Make Homemade Thin Mints

By LeanneW

Craving those classic Girl Scout thin mint cookies? Did someone just eat the very last one?! Good news—you can make your own in a...


Shortbread Recipe

By LeanneW

Full of buttery flavor and so simple to make, your guests and family will love these traditional shortbread cookies. Serve them with a cup...


Dawn's White Cake

By DMJ69

I was playing around with a few white cakes I found online but found them to be somewhat dry. This is what I came up with. Also I turn this...


Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake


This cake is a lot of fun to do. Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake Ingredients 1 gallon of vanilla Ice cream 1 package of Oreo cookies 1 jar of...


Oreo buttercream

By RnZmom

This frosting goes great on the Oreo cupcakes. Tastes just like the creamy part of the Oreo! Ingredients 2 lbs of confectioner’s...


Mocha Chip Cookie Recipe

By LeanneW

Just when you thought chocolate chip cookies couldn't get any better, we doubled the chocolate and added some coffee. All you need is a...


Mocha Filling (from

By eema2four

I needed a mocha filling for a cake a customer requested. I found this one (meant to sandwhich chocolate chip cookies together) which even...



By microbiology1

A traditional Hungarian cake. My husband is Hungarian and after combining several recipes and a little trial and error he thinks this...


Momofuku Milk Crumbs Recipe

By MariahS

This recipe is for Milk Crumbs used by Momofuku Milk Bar in New York City. They use it in cookies, as a coating for cake pops, etc. It&...


Fresh Ginger-Honey Buttercream

By Kris Galicia Brown from Craftsy

Honey buttercream is probably the most underrated and least used type of buttercream. I love it because it’s so versatile — not...


Simple Royal Icing

By tayakaleb

This is a good, easy recipe for Royal Icing Simple Royal Icing Ingredients 1 13 cups powdered sugar 1 Tbls. Egg white powder 2 Tbls. Water...


Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

By ckkerber

This recipe yields a giant cookie cake that tastes much like one you would but at a retail establishment. It’s extremely easy to make...



By cakesbyjess

These are candies that look like the buckeye nut. They are very popular in Ohio, a.k.a. the Buckeye State! The buckeye tree is the state...


White Chocolate Peppermint Glazed Shortbread Cookies

By LeanneW

Peppermint, the flavor of the holidays, takes white chocolate glaze to the next level on a traditional shortbread. Use this glaze on your...


Grandma's Sugar Cookies

By sugarspice56

My grandmother made fantastic sugar cookies. They were always fluffy and soft, with a sweet icing (you could die for). When my grandmother...


"Like Lofthouse" iced soft sugar cookies

By slejdick

Here’s a recipe for the cookies and the frosting. I’ve never made these, but saved the recipe when I saw it posted on another...


Soft & Fluffy Ginger Cookies

By Mandica12182

These cookies are always a huge hit!! They are nothing like a ginger snap, they are big soft and fluffy!! I love the way they make my house...


Italian Wine Donut cookies

By FiorDiFarina

This is a recipe very easy to make. In Italy we bake this donut cookies during the cold Winter. We use to serve the cookies with a glass of...


Easter Tomb Cookies

By bradslilfaerie

This is something to make with kids, the night before Easter. My kids remember this, and loved it! Easter Tomb Cookies Ingredients 1 cup...