Oreo Cupcakes on Cake Central

Oreo Cupcakes

By Lilprincessa

The recipe i got was from a website so its not mine and i thought that i would like to share the recipe with you guys!! Ingredients Yield:...

Pastel Meringue Kisses on Cake Central

Pastel Meringue Kisses

By LeanneW

Light and airy and colored for spring, these meringue cookies use ingredients you already have at home. Pastel Meringue Kisses 4 eggs...

Sugar Cookies (No Chill) on Cake Central

Sugar Cookies (No Chill)

By Anonymous

I found this recipe from a google search and its perfect!! I love sugar cookies from scratch but hate to wait for them to be chilled for...

Grandmama Genevieve Famous Molasses Cookies on Cake Central

Grandmama Genevieve Famous Molasses Cookies

By thedessertdiva

This is a secret (well, not so much anymore…lol) recipe that my grandmama used to make us every year at Christmas time. Then my mom...

Molasses Bars on Cake Central

Molasses Bars

By LeanneW

Love molasses cookies? Mix it up and make these Molasses Bars next time instead! This rich recipe for soft and chewy Molasses Bars is a...

Faux Poured Fondant on Cake Central

Faux Poured Fondant

By Anonymous

This easy recipe makes a smooth, white-as-snow glaze for petits fours, glazed cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, brownies, and éclairs....

Alice's Cookie Icing on Cake Central

Alice's Cookie Icing

By nashsmom

This tastes wonderful. Hardens so you can stack or bag the cookies, but is still soft to bite into. Alice’s Cookie Icing Ingredients...

JaimeAnn's Best lemon Filling on Cake Central

JaimeAnn's Best lemon Filling

By JaimeAnn

This Lemon filling is great for pies, cakes, cookies and donuts… JaimeAnn’s Best lemon Filling Ingredients 1&1/2 cups sugar 1/...

Incredible Cheesecake on Cake Central

Incredible Cheesecake

By Debbye27

This is an amazing cheesecake, it is simple to make, yet so creamy and delicious, has the perfect texture…I have never had a problem...

SophieBelle's Jello Fondant on Cake Central

SophieBelle's Jello Fondant

By SophieBelle

HI, I’m Tamatha (SophieBelle). I hope you enjoy this twist on fondant. SophieBelle’s Jello Fondant Ingredients 1 small package...

Dark Chocolate Rolled Sugar Cookies on Cake Central

Dark Chocolate Rolled Sugar Cookies

By Pumkinwaffles

I found this recipe in the new book Cookie craft by Valerie Peterson and Janice Fryer. I will make notations of the adaptaions I have made...

Rolled Sugar Cookies on Cake Central

Rolled Sugar Cookies

By jaycelee

I compared this recipe that i got from a book named Cookie Craft and it is very similar to the NFSC (Non Fail Sugar Cookies). Just this one...

Best Cut-Out Sugar Cookies on Cake Central

Best Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

By kandio63

This formula is great for your shaped sugar cookies for christmas, Valentines, or any other holiday. They keep there shape and they taste...

Chocolate Sugar Cookies on Cake Central

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

By jilliankinsel

A twist to regular sugar cookies and stays moist. Chocolate Sugar Cookies Ingredients 1/2 cup butter 3/4 cup granulated sugar 1 egg 1...

Chocolate Chip Cookies Divine on Cake Central

Chocolate Chip Cookies Divine

By cakesdivine

Finally a chocolate chip cookie recipe that is slightly crisp on the exterior but soft and chewy on the inside! Can be done also as a...

Grandma Betty’s Sugar Cookies on Cake Central

Grandma Betty’s Sugar Cookies

By Sanveann

My grandma has made these every year since I can remember, and they’re an essential party of any holiday gathering in our family!...

Cookies and Cream on Cake Central

Cookies and Cream

By Laurinda

Cookies and Cream Ingredients 2 1/2 cups heavy cream 1/4 cup confectioner’s sugar 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract 20 chocolate...

Tri Color Cookies (Rainbow Cakes) on Cake Central

Tri Color Cookies (Rainbow Cakes)

By EyeCandy

Hi! This makes a LARGE cake that can be cut into as many or few pieces as you’d like. I used Allrecipes.com to help me get the...

Fantastic Vanilla Sugar Cookies on Cake Central

Fantastic Vanilla Sugar Cookies

By divinecc

This cookie has great flavor and is perfect for cut outs. I have noticed a lot of people posting in OTHER sugar cookie recipes that they...

Molasses cookies on Cake Central

Molasses cookies

By bikemom3

These are a fall favorite. Ingredients Here’s my molasses cookie recipe…hope you like it. 3/4 cup butter or margarine 1 cup...

Springerle Cookie Recipe on Cake Central

Springerle Cookie Recipe

By LeanneW

These anise-flavored Christmas cookies have been a German tradition for hundreds of years. Their name dates back to an old version of the...

"Not Yo' Mama's Banana Pudding" on Cake Central

"Not Yo' Mama's Banana Pudding"

By cakeladyofga

This recipe is a huge hit everytime I bring it to any gathering. I’d tried it as a filing in a chocolate cake (minus the cookies),...

Fizzing Candy Recipe & Sweet Treat Ideas on Cake Central

Fizzing Candy Recipe & Sweet Treat Ideas

By LeanneW

Photo by Carollainy Cookies, cupcakes and cake pop treats sparkle with fizzing candy in these celebratory treats! Pop Rocks™ are a...

Chocolate Chip Cake on Cake Central

Chocolate Chip Cake

By alimonkey

This has become a favorite with my family. The chocolate chips make it really rich so I think either chocolate whipped cream or chocolate...

Thin Mint Cake on Cake Central

Thin Mint Cake

By cakesdivine

I created this cake due to my LOVE of the combination of dark chocolate and mint. Thin Mint Cake Ingredients 1 sleeve or 1 cup Finely...

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies with Cream Cheese Filling on Cake Central

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies with Cream Cheese Filling

By LeanneW

The classic whoopie pie has not only gone mainstream; it’s gone gourmet. Without a doubt, this dessert&...