Cake mix cinnamon rolls

By Missyleigh

This is the easiest way to make cinnamon rolls that I have found. I am a terrible bread baker and these always turn out for me. Cake Mix...


Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Buttermilk Glaze Recipe

By AlyssaC

There’s not much that’s better than waking up on a crisp autumn morning to the rich smell of pumpkin cinnamon rolls wafting...


Cinnamon Cream Cheese Squares

By pumpkin1030

CINNAMON CREAM CHEESE SQUARES These are easy to make and taste great!! My family loves them. Also taste great for breakfast! Cinnamon Cream...


Cinnamon Roll Cookies

By LeanneW

Warm cinnamon rolls bring back memories of holiday breakfast with loved ones, but they can be difficult to pack up as a sweet gift. These...


Cinnamon Cheesecake

By sgilmer

This is a cheesecake like I’ve never had before. It is best warm, but can be cut into squares and refrigerated. Cinnamon Cheesecake...


Cinnamon Roll Cookies

By Ambar2

I love this cookie, I made it for Thanksgiving and everyone loved it. They were gone before I was able to get it to the table… I...


Quick King Cake

By Anonymous

This is a quick and easy way to make king cakes. This is an adaptation of Emeril Lagasse’s original recipe. Enjoy and Laissez les bon...


Amazing Pumpkin Roll

By dar72

This amazing pumpkin roll was an idea I got from a “banana roll” recipe and I just substituted the banana for pumpkin. It&rsquo...


Home-made Country Apple Dumplings

By Brittany1288

I found this recipe on a website and decided to share it. It’s not totally home-made but it tastes like it. Ingredients: Amount...


Easy Gingerbread Men Cookies

By Tails

This recipe doesnt use any molasses or complicated ingredients. It’s quick, easy, tasty, and rolls out nicely and is easy to handle (...