Coconut Cake

By Frankyola

I love Coconut cake and after I try and try different recipies I got my own and I love it, It is really tasty, My favorite. Coconut Cake...


Stabilized Whipped Cream Icing

By Ishi

Stabilizing whipped cream with gelatin will prevent it from separating once whipped, and it will hold up better as a topping or even...


Delicious Large Quantity Cake Mix

By aswartzw

This is the only yellow cake I use. It doesn’t make a good chocolate cake though. I’m interested in adapting it to lemon, etc....


Chocolate Orange Cake

By babycakes88

This is a very tasty, very moist recipe that I found on CC and modified to make it orange, everyone in my family LOVED it. Chocolate Orange...


Cake Balls

By Luby

I apologize if this recipe is somewhere on this site, but I looked and didn’t see it. I did find a lot of discussions about cake...


Tres Leches Cake Mix Cake

By ChrisJ

Delicious doctored Tres Leches cake mix cake. Tres Leches Cake Mix Cake Ingredients Ingredients for Cake 1 package white cake mix 1 1/2...


White Chocolate Sour Cream cake

By patticakesnc

My spinoff of one of the WASC cakes. Very light and delicious flavor. Great paired with a lemon buttercream as well! White Chocolate Sour...


Enhanced Cake Mix

By LisaMarie86

I use this recipe all the time for cupcakes that everyone raves about and says that they dont taste anything like box cake mix. Ingredients...


Butter Pecan Cake - (WASC method)

By BeanCountingBaker

For a baby shower the Mommy-to-Be requested something with Bavarian cream filling but preferred white cake over chocolate. I did some...


1920's Waldorf-Astoria Red Velvet Cake

By descakes

This is the original Waldorf-Astoria Red Velvet Cake recipe and a huge favorite with family and clients alike! The Cream Cheese/Mascarpone...


Double Chocolate Buttercream Icing


I “stumbled” into this recipe while making a graduation cake for a cousin. If you like lots of chocolate, this is it! You can...


Firm Chocolate Cake

By CheriN

I have given this recipe out many times so I thought that I would put it on here for easy reference. I use this recipe all the time, it...



By jenscreativity

This poundcake is AMAZING!! After doing my research on what fit for the southern, traditional pound cake, I came up with Paula Deen’s...


Fluffy & Rich Espresso Cake

By supermama322

I created this recipe when I decided to try the Starbucks cupcakes. I wanted to recreate the flavor of a caramel Machiatto. I achieved the...


Velvet White Cake

By JSKConfections

A delicious, rich white cake with a tender crumb that can only be described as “velvety”! Makes 7 1/2 cups batter, enough for...


Chocolate Marshmellow Cake

By Sarra

This recipe is simply delicious and deliciously simple. It was handed down to me by a fellow volunteer at our local health care center and...


Simple 'n Moist Strawberry re-mix

By WyoMom2b

This recipe will fill 2-10″, 2-6″ rounds and a few cupcakes left over. Simple and flavorful! I have used this recipe to carve...


Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

By ebredhawk

I tried a bunch of different recipes and couldn’t ever get the taste and texture that I wanted. Pink lemonade is a delicate flavor,...


Rocky Road Mini Cupcakes

By NextGreatBaker

These are to die for!!! Ingredients: Amount...


Scrumptious Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

By Ishi

After posting my pick of Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes, a lot of you asked for the recipe so I thought I’d post it. This cupcake is...


My Grandmother's Cream Cheese Frosting

By erika-pieceofcake

My grandmother made this without the butter extract but I think it adds a great taste! I usually sprinkle the nuts on top when frosting a...


Pineapple Coconut WASC

By CiNoRi

I looked high and low for a flexible recipe for stacking and carving. Thanks to Macsmom’s Orange Dreamsicle Cake. I was inspired to...


Tiramisu Cupcakes II

By Ortiz

My take on Tiramisu cupcakes. Tiramisu Cupcakes II Ingredients Ingredients: Cupcakes: 1 box of white cake mix Espresso Syrup: 2/3 cup of...


Pink Velvet Raspberry Cake PVRC

By stresseddesserts

Pink Velvet Raspberry Cake Recipe. Goes with Raspberry puree and Raspberry Chambord Buttercream filling. Simply Delish! Pink Velvet...


add to boxed cake

By Beccaboo9397

Got this recipe from the internet somewhere and it has not failed me! Taste great and is so moist!!!! Add ingredients to any boxed cake to...


2 of everything icing

By kakeladi

As posted it does NOT crust but a ‘fix’ is mentioned at the end:) A smooth, easy to use buttercream icing for all your cakes....