Crusting Lemon Buttercream

By microbiology1

A crusting lemon buttercream Ingredients 1/2 cup vegetable shortening 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, softened ¾ t. clear vanilla extract...


White As Snow Buttercream

By denise2434

This is the best all shortening buttercream recipe that I have tried!! I found it on the Wilton forum. I made a few little changes to it....


Edna De la Cruz's Crusting Buttercream

By tonedna

Searching for your new favorite crusting buttercream recipe? Well, look no further! This delightfully simple buttercream recipe is a breeze...


Chai Spice Cake/Cupcakes

By christeena

I use an extended cake mix exclusively (except for pumpkin spice) for all my cakes and came up with this Chai Spice after doing some...


Grammy's buttercream

By grammy1963

This recipe is a favorite of most of my customers. It is a decorating buttercream but may need to adjusted to your climate. It definitely...


Buttercream Icing

By surgery2

This recipe was given to me years ago, I use it all the time and my customers and brides rave over it. Stiff consistency and I can pipe...


Mexican Vanilla Kaluaha-Small Recipe

By pinkbox

I came up with this twist on a vanilla cake that has everyone asking for more. I have yet to have any leftovers and this is my most ordered...


All Butter Buttercream

By aswartzw

This is a really yummy buttercream frosting. It’s just good! This will be ivory unless dye-free butter is used. All Butter...


White Chocolate Mint Buttercream

By multilayered

I created this to add a “Christmasy” flair to some red velvet cupcakes I made for a Christmas Party. It was a huge hit! After I...


Perfect Red Velvet

By Foxicakes

I have been trying and trying to find a recipe that lived up to my expectations. One that is moist, yet dense and can stand up to being...


Rocky Road Mini Cupcakes

By NextGreatBaker

These are to die for!!! Ingredients: Amount...


Fast & Easy Banana Cake

By TrixieTreats

This recipe is adapted from a WASC method. Super easy and fast to make, moist, dense, and scrumptious. If you are looking for a light and...


Tiramisu Cupcakes II

By Ortiz

My take on Tiramisu cupcakes. Tiramisu Cupcakes II Ingredients Ingredients: Cupcakes: 1 box of white cake mix Espresso Syrup: 2/3 cup of...


Baileys Irish buttercream

By Kitty484

Someone gave me this recipe ages ago but I’ve only just got around to trying it. It is one of those things you NEED in your life! A...


White Chocolate Cream Cheese Buttercream Icing

By ycknits

I wanted a buttercream that has a significant, recognizable white chocolate flavor and that is not too sweet. This is what I came up with....


Crusting ButterCream (Faux Fondant)

By Anonymous

This recipe for Crusting Buttercream will help you achieve that perfect faux fondant finish. Crusting ButterCream (Faux Fondant)...


Mum's Real Buttercream Frosting

By jtp139

This is my go to buttercream. My mom taught me how to make it. It’s very simple but takes a while to make. It can be used alone or as...


Decorator Cream Cheese

By azeboi2005

This is a great cream cheese frosting that allows to be used for deocorating as well. Almost the consistency of a buttercream but with that...


Chris's Buttercream

By travmand

The only buttercream I use Chris’s Buttercream Ingredients 1 1/3 cup Crisco 1 T Vanilla flavoring 1 t salt 1 t butter flavoring 2 lb...


Best Ever Buttercream

By deyouan

This is the BEST buttercream recipe I have ever used! It is easy to tweek with different flavorings or even chocolate powder in place of...


Lemon Buttercream Cake Ball Truffles

By Cakegirl20

This is a recipe that I created for my business. I had help from all my family in the making of it (taste testers you know =:). The first...


Praline Buttercream

By Tona

This is a wonderful icing that goes well on a chocolate or praline cake. Praline Buttercream Ingredients 1 1/2 cups butter divided 1 cup...


Winged White Chocolate Buttercream

By valerieb52

I made up this recipe trrying to make white chocolate buttercream for the first time for a cake for my daughter’s teacher and not...


Chunky Strawberry Filling

By staten93

Needed a yummy strawberry filling that wasn’t buttercream. Looked at many recipes and came up with this. Chunky Strawberry Filling...


Quick Four ingredients Whip Buttercream

By LuvLyrics

This is a great recipe and you can add any flavor to it, melted semi sweet chocolate, butterscoth, white chocolate, oreo’s etc. B/c...


Dreamsicle Buttercream

By badylugs80

I discovered this by accident but I’m so in love with it! It’s my most requested flavor and I love to pair it with wedding cake...