Simply smooth white buttercream on Cake Central

Simply smooth white buttercream

By jenan

I was tired of many buttercreams tasting like crisco so I did some trials and came up with this one. Its creamy, smooth, white and easy to...

Double Shot Coffee Cupcake Recipe on Cake Central

Double Shot Coffee Cupcake Recipe

By ButRCream

Dark chocolate mocha cupcakes with vanilla bean latte swiss meringue buttercream and dark chocolate espresso beans! This completed recipe...

Red Velvet Redux--Easy & Durable on Cake Central

Red Velvet Redux--Easy & Durable

By BlakesCakes

I find the DH Red Velvet Mix cake to be a bit too fluffy when made using the box directions. By adding an extra egg, sour cream, and...

No Crust Buttercream Icing on Cake Central

No Crust Buttercream Icing

By Anonymous

This very simple recipe makes a fluffy and buttery icing that doesn’t crust. It’s luscious and can be made in all sorts of...

Sylvia Weinstock's Buttercream Icing on Cake Central

Sylvia Weinstock's Buttercream Icing

By Anonymous

“All my cakes are done in buttercream icing. It’s a finer finish and tastes better. Once you try this buttercream icing, you...

Dark Chocolate Buttercream Icing/Filling on Cake Central

Dark Chocolate Buttercream Icing/Filling

By pinkbox

I was on a mission to find a dark chocolate icing/filling like the ones they use on the Great American Cookie Company for their cookies. I...

Fresh Ginger-Honey Buttercream on Cake Central

Fresh Ginger-Honey Buttercream

By Kris Galicia Brown from Craftsy

Honey buttercream is probably the most underrated and least used type of buttercream. I love it because it’s so versatile — not...

All-Butter American Buttercream on Cake Central

All-Butter American Buttercream

By ButRCream

This has truly become my go-to recipe for frosting basic cakes and cupcakes when traditional American buttercream is requested – it...

Peanutbutter Fluff Buttercream on Cake Central

Peanutbutter Fluff Buttercream

By SeriousCakes

I’ve been wanting to make a kind of lighter pb bc and thought that maybe marshmallow fluff would work. Oh wow, it turned out...

Basic Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream on Cake Central

Basic Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream

By ButRCream

This is my basic, go-to swiss meringue buttercream recipe – always a crowd pleaser! Looks lovely piped on cupcakes and is a wonderful...

Crusting White Chocolate Buttercream on Cake Central

Crusting White Chocolate Buttercream

By missmeg

White chocolate and cream cheese make this crusting buttercream indulgently delicious. Pair it with lemon cake for a bright flavor...

Doctored Buttercream Dream on Cake Central

Doctored Buttercream Dream

By sarah0418

I read the recipe for Buttercream Dream by AgentCakeBaker and doctored it a little, using Indydebi’s Dream Whip suggestion. I enjoy...

Light & Fluffy buttercream on Cake Central

Light & Fluffy buttercream

By krumbledkakes

This recipe is a little time consuming, but totally worth it imo. It’s made with no shortening, for those that may not have it...

Sugarshack's Buttercream for a 6qt Mixer on Cake Central

Sugarshack's Buttercream for a 6qt Mixer

By pinkbox

This post was done with permission from sugarshack which the original recipe was based upon. I was on a mission to get the same beautiful...

Fluffy Crusting Buttercream on Cake Central

Fluffy Crusting Buttercream

By cbrosado

This is a foolproof, very light and fluffy, smooth buttercream. It almost has a whipped icing texture, but holds it’s form. I have...

Decorator's Buttercream on Cake Central

Decorator's Buttercream

By LeanneW

When piping borders and flowers, icing consistency it crucial to a successful outcome. Meringue buttercreams, while delicious, lack the...

Tiramisu Cupcakes with Marscapone Buttercream on Cake Central

Tiramisu Cupcakes with Marscapone Buttercream

By courtneys_cakes

Sweet mascarpone frosting tops these buttermilk cupcakes that are soaked with coffee and liqueur syrup, then dusted with bitter cocoa. It's...

Revised Snickerdoodle Cake w/Cinnamon BC on Cake Central

Revised Snickerdoodle Cake w/Cinnamon BC

By Jenthecakelady

This cake is delicious. It is reminiscent of my favorite cookie-the snickerdoodle. While it is not exactly like the snickerdoodle it is...

White Wedding Cake on Cake Central

White Wedding Cake

By Anonymous

I thought I got this cake recipe from Cake Central, maybe the forums. Hmmmm. Anyway, it is perfect, in my opinion. I added some FYIï&...

Lemon Raspberry Cake on Cake Central

Lemon Raspberry Cake

By brittanydear

Cake Central user brittanydear modified a tried and true cake recipe to make this delicious Lemon Raspberry Cake, with just a...

Crusting Lemon Cream Cheese Buttercream on Cake Central

Crusting Lemon Cream Cheese Buttercream

By Jesa

This is one kitchen experiment gone right! Cake Central user Jesa combined several favorite recipes and some tinkering along the way to...

White Chocolate Swiss Buttercream on Cake Central

White Chocolate Swiss Buttercream

By daelansfancy

This frosting was made from a whipped white chocolate ganache and Swiss Buttercream. I created this recipe for my cousins bridal shower...

Easy Meringue Buttercream on Cake Central

Easy Meringue Buttercream

By JanH

One of the best-tasting buttercreams is also the easiest to prepare. See the end of the recipe for flavoring possibilities. Easy Meringue...

Classic Yellow Cake on Cake Central

Classic Yellow Cake

By crazyladybaker

After trying several recipes this week for a good/moist yellow cake this one wins hands down. I was luckily enough to stumble upon it...

Snickerdoodle Cake with cinnamon buttercream on Cake Central

Snickerdoodle Cake with cinnamon buttercream

By cabecakes

I was recently asked to do a cake for a friend of mine. When I asked what flavor cake they wanted they said their favorite was a cinnamon...

Creamy whipped buttercream icing on Cake Central

Creamy whipped buttercream icing

By Kitagrl

This noncrusting buttercream icing has an incredibly light flavor and texture, and is definately not too sweet. The drawback is that it...