Frozen Buttercream Tranfers on Cake Central

Frozen Buttercream Tranfers

By dittle

Frozen Buttercream Tranfers Ingredients 1/2 cup Crisco shortening 1/2 cup butter, softened, I use salted 1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract, I used...

Decadent White Chocolate Cake on Cake Central

Decadent White Chocolate Cake

By Taridawn

I was asked by a bride to create a moist white chocolate wedding cake. After trying 8 different recipes, I decided to slightly modify a...

Indigojods' Blueberry Cake on Cake Central

Indigojods' Blueberry Cake

By indigojods

My husband is a blueberry fanatic so I created this blueberry cake for him. It was based off of a similar strawberry cake that starts with...

Raspberry Truffle Cake on Cake Central

Raspberry Truffle Cake

By Confectionary2

Raspberry Truffle Cake Ingredients Raspberry Truffle Cake Step one: Make Raspberry filling using frozen berries, cornstarch and sugar (boil...

Promise's Better-Than-Scratch Lemon Cake on Cake Central

Promise's Better-Than-Scratch Lemon Cake

By prterrell

Note: This is my personal recipe that I developed. Please credit me if sharing with others. Thanks! Promise Whitley I usually fill will...

Promise's Meringue Buttercream on Cake Central

Promise's Meringue Buttercream

By prterrell

Note: This is my own personal recipe that I developed. Please credit me if sharing with others, thanks Promise Whitley Promise’s...

Creamy whipped buttercream icing on Cake Central

Creamy whipped buttercream icing

By Kitagrl

This noncrusting buttercream icing has an incredibly light flavor and texture, and is definately not too sweet. The drawback is that it...

Buttercream Icing on Cake Central

Buttercream Icing

By katycake

I was looking for a good recipe for buttercream icing on the internet a couple years ago and found this one. It’s not overly sweet...

Another meringue based buttercream on Cake Central

Another meringue based buttercream

By ombaker

This was the buttercream recipe I got in culinary school. It’s not too sweet and very esy to work with. Another meringue based...

Buttercream - Less Sweet on Cake Central

Buttercream - Less Sweet

By Crimsicle

Having seen several discussions in the forums about a “less sweet buttercream,” I decided to post my favorite, since I didn&...

Chocolate Hazelnut Buttercream on Cake Central

Chocolate Hazelnut Buttercream

By StaceyC3

This is the most delicious chocolate buttercream I’ve ever tried! It combines chocolate and Nutella, two of my favorite flavors. It&...

Dream Whip Buttercream Icing on Cake Central

Dream Whip Buttercream Icing

By suzmazza

This is a Dream Whip recipe that was requested by a few people in the forums. Dream Whip Buttercream Icing Ingredients This is my moms (...

High Humidity Buttercream on Cake Central

High Humidity Buttercream

By vrmcc1

High Humidity Buttercream Ingredients 1/2 tsp. salt 1 1/2c. Crisco 3 Tbls. Dream Whip 3 drops Butter Flavoring 1/2 tsp. Clear Vanilla 3...

Duff doctored buttercream on Cake Central

Duff doctored buttercream

By alibugs

My family doesn’t like the buttery taste of the regular Duff icing. They say it is kinda like eating a stick of butter. I just...

Decorator Cream Cheese on Cake Central

Decorator Cream Cheese

By azeboi2005

This is a great cream cheese frosting that allows to be used for deocorating as well. Almost the consistency of a buttercream but with that...

CleverCakeLady's Buttercream (allergy wise) on Cake Central

CleverCakeLady's Buttercream (allergy wise)

By SugarMoonCakeCo

i came up with this when trying to find a buttercream for a client with egg/dairy allergies it’s not too sweet and crusts well little...

Devils Food on Cake Central

Devils Food

By jlhisel

This is hands down the BEST chocolate cake I have ever eaten. It comes out of the pan perfect, no need to level or trim, just an amazing...

Meringue-based Buttercream on Cake Central

Meringue-based Buttercream

By prterrell

Note: This is my own personal recipe that I developed. Please credit me if sharing with others. Thanks, Promise Whitley Meringue-based...

OMIGOH!! Chocolate Hazelnut Cake on Cake Central

OMIGOH!! Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

By kanchaser55

A VERY EASY but VERY gourmet tasting chocolate cake. I made this one and people were moaning it was so good!! OMIGOH!! Chocolate Hazelnut...

Strawberry Cake on Cake Central

Strawberry Cake

By Steady2Hands

This is a our family’s favorite strawberry cake recipe and it is super easy to make. I get lots of customer requests for it too....

Godiva Cake Balls on Cake Central

Godiva Cake Balls

By ConnieSue

These decadent cake balls by  ConnieSue   combine three things we love; chocolate cake, chocolate bars, and chocolate liqueur. It...

Andes Cake Balls on Cake Central

Andes Cake Balls

By ConnieSue

Andes Cake Balls Ingredients crumbled white cake scraps buttercream andes mint chips godiva liquer Hersheys special dark chocolate...

Tattoo Rum Frosting on Cake Central

Tattoo Rum Frosting

By candiricole

I started with the Buttercream Dream frosting and added a few ingredients,it is so good!I’m going to add it to a rum almond cake!!!...

MY own BUTTERCREAM on Cake Central



This is a great frosting MY own BUTTERCREAM Ingredients 1 stick of butter 4 cups of powdered sugar milk flavoring (optional) Instructions...

0 Trans Fat Crisco Buttercream using Butter and Crisco on Cake Central

0 Trans Fat Crisco Buttercream using Butter and Crisco

By OhMyGoodies

This is the recipe me and my husband use on all of our cakes and when mentioned to family and friends I may have to change I got yelled at...

Gabes Satin Vanilla Frosting on Cake Central

Gabe’s Satin Vanilla Frosting

By gabesgourmet

Several people have asked for this recipe so here it is. This is the delicious frosting that I use for my bakery. It is fluffy and satiny....