Chocolate Buttercake by Nati

By boonenati

Using my mum’s buttercake recipe, I modified it to make this moist chocolate buttercake. Fill with choc buttercream or ganache and...


Cointreau Buttercream

By jeking

Of all the buttercream recipes I make, this is everyone’s favorite and I have requests for it regularly. It has a wonderful orange...


Airdried Buttercream Icing

By dhmichaud

Airdried Buttercream Icing Ingredients 3 Tablespoons meringue powder 1/3 cup tap water (room temp. – not cold not hot) 2/3 cup Crisco...


Chocolate Decorator's Buttercream

By knoxcop1

This recipe makes a creamy and smooth chocolate frosting. It pipes well, and will yield a good “crust” after setting out for a...

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Orange Rolled Fondant

By doots53

Rolled Fondant is an icing substance that is rolled out and used as a covering for cake, which traditionally is first covered with a layer...


Lemon-Raspberry Buttercream

By jeking

I’ve been trying a couple of new flavors and made this icing last night. I frosted a wonderful white cake with it and took it to work...


Vanilla Italian Meringue Buttercream

By mary-ann

Everyone that has tasted this buttercream, loves it. It has a light taste that is not too sweet. When icing, the iced cake can be...


Chocolate Italian Meringue Buttercream

By mary-ann

Chocolate Italian Meringue Buttercream Ingredients 12 ounces white, semisweet or bittersweet chocolate Instructions Start with the Vanilla...


Expresso Italian Meringue Buttercream

By mary-ann

Expresso Italian Meringue Buttercream Ingredients 3 tablespoon instant espresso coffee powder 6 teaspoons boiling water or warmed Kahlua...


Cinnamon buttercream

By mthiberge

This buttercream goes nicely with spice cake Cinnamon buttercream Ingredients -1lb butter -4cups icing sugar -3-4Tbsp water -1tsp vanilla -...


Butterscotch buttercream frosting

By travelingcakeplate

I needed this to compliment a banana cream filling. It was suprisingly VERY good! I have officially added it to my menu of frostings!...


Decorator's Buttercream

By SweetSue1

I attended the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC in 2002 and was given this recipe for buttercream when we learned cakes. It is the...


Brite White Buttercream Icing

By CakemanOH

This is a very good stable and tempature proven icing. It crusts very well, makes great flowers and decorations, colors very well and...

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Margie's Lemon Cake

By DebraJ

This recipe was given to me by the wonderful former owner of Little Bitts, a great cake decorating store in Wheaton, MD. This lemon cake is...


Odessa's Crusting Buttercream

By aobodessa

This is an easy buttercream that crusts nicely and has a wonderful taste. Use the best vanilla you can find for the best flavor. Odessa&...


Store Bought Buttercream Extender

By zoraya

Start with a can of store bought icing and “extend” it for a yummy homemade version of buttercream. Store Bought Buttercream...


Italian Meringue Buttercream- Shirley's Method

By ShirleyW

Italian Meringue Buttercream- Shirley’s Method Ingredients 5 large Egg whites beaten to stiff but not dry peaks 1 1/4 cup Granulated...

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Mango Cake with filling

By jlmaison

Here is the recipie for a cake that I did and posted it on this site. Everyone asked me for the recipie so I thought I would post it. The...


Raspberry Filling

By springlakecake

I tweaked an Emeril recipe for this. I was on the hunt for a homemade raspberry filling that didnt soak into the cake. I have used this on...

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Julie's Less-Sweet Buttercream Frosting

By jdelectables

This is a buttercream that I adapted from my usual buttercream frosting, with a suggestion to add flour to cut the sweetness. Make sure you...


Magnolia Bakery's Vanilla Birthday Cake

By newlywedws

These comments are from their cookbook: “At Magnolia we decided to make our cake not quite a traditional yellow cake or a traditional...


Luscious lemon raspberry cake

By Crakerz01

This is a tasty cake. I just combined a few different recipes to come up with this. One lady told me it was the best birthday cake she ever...


Poppy and nuts cake

By kamy_tudor

I find this a very good and tasty cake, that is if you like poppy and nuts…The cake has an interesting color when you cut it. Sorry...


Reenie's Crusting Buttercream

By reenie

I came up with this frosting after not being satisfied with the flavor of the other crusting buttercreams I’ve tried. The resulting...


White Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream

By syiedah

These cupcakes are mind blowing and any one can make them they are great for parties and to give as little gifs so please try them. White...


Creamy B/C Frosting

By aztomcat

This is a creamier tasting version of Buttercream, made with cream cheese. Everyone loves it. I give my butter and cream cheese a few hours...