Gabe’s Satin Vanilla bean Buttercream Frosting

By gabesgourmet

Several people have asked me for this recipe. This is the most popular frosting in my bakery. It is fluffy, satiny, and DELICIOUS!! It has...


Beth's Wedding Orange Cake

By khoudek

After 6 different orange cake recipe rejects, I finally hit on the right one for my daughter Beth’s wedding cake. It is a variation...


Mocha Frappuccino Frosting

By Sionann

These cupcakes tasted just like Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino…which I am addicted needless to say I was very happy with the...


Crusting White Chocolate Buttercream

By missmeg

White chocolate and cream cheese make this crusting buttercream indulgently delicious. Pair it with lemon cake for a bright flavor...



By Cookie4

These are similar to what is served at TCBY as a topping. I make this often and keep in the refrigerator for my family to enjoy anytime. It...


My Buttercream Recipe

By Brickflor

I use this recipe every time I make a cake. It holds up well in heat and humidity, crusts over, and tastes sooooo good! My Buttercream...


Mint Buttercream Filling

By step0nmi

This is a great filling to go inside a chocolate cake! Any chocolate cake! Then when you cut the cake it tasted like ice cream! Mint...


Addendum to Rhonda's Ultimate MMF

By cajundecoration

This recipe is an addition to Rhonda’s Ultimate MMF. The original recipe is phenomenal. The addition, or update, is using Creme Royal...

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Great taste Buttercream

By Brickflor

This recipe gets rave reviews from everyone who tastes it. It holds up well to heat and humidity and it great for decorations (see my...


Fluffy Buttercream

By Dennysse

I was looking for a fluffy but not very sweet version of buttercream.I made this combination of shortening,egg whites and butter and the...


Sugarshack's Buttercream Icing

By sugarshack

Beloved as a favorite recipe on, Sugarshackâs Buttercream Icing is revered for it's great flavor and ease of use...

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Peanut Butter Marble Cake

By fluttercakes

Why choose between peanut butter cake or chocolate, when you can have them both, swirled together! Marble cake takes a break from tradition...


Maria's Butter Pecan Wedding Cake

By Starkie

This was a recipe that I finally came up with (after much help here on CC!) for a groom’s cake. It turns out wonderfully light and...



By ctackett

This is how I did my transfers. Transfers Ingredients Make your buttercream frosting as usual. Instructions Ice the cake and allow the...


Bronwen's Buttercream Icing

By JulieR

This recipe was published on the Dallas Morning News website: Bronwen’s...


The Well Dressed Cake Swiss Meringue Buttercream with variations

By Anonymous

This is the version of SMBC that I came up with. it uses less butter than most and is very light and tastes great. You can pipe with it and...

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~Triple Chocolate Buttercream~

By jessicacourtney1

I made this up for my sons birthday cake and it turned out reall well, and oh so yummy! ~Triple Chocolate Buttercream~ Ingredients 1lb...


My Chocolate Buttercream

By Brickflor

This is very very good, tastes a little like chocolate ice cream! It’s a double batch but it’s easier for me to make it this...


Best Ever Buttercream

By deyouan

This is the BEST buttercream recipe I have ever used! It is easy to tweek with different flavorings or even chocolate powder in place of...


Peppermint ButterCream Recipe

By Luffie

This recipe is an expanded version of my Gram’s buttercream. Everytime I make it I remember her hand mixer working overtime . Perfect...


DeYoung's Buttercream

By deyouan

This is one recipe that I have used over and over and has NEVER let me down. I’m sure it will become your favorite as well DeYoung&...


Mexican Vanilla Kaluaha-Small Recipe

By pinkbox

I came up with this twist on a vanilla cake that has everyone asking for more. I have yet to have any leftovers and this is my most ordered...


Cookies and Cream Buttercream

By kkswmmr114

A great way to add flavor and crunch in between the layers. Cookies and Cream Buttercream Ingredients Any buttercream icing Oreo cookies...


Honey Buttercream

By susanscakebabies

I needed a buttercream with honey for a cake for the National Honey Boards 1st annual Honey Fest in our town so this is a simple light and...


Pumpkin shaped pumpkin cake

By bmoore

This is a simple cake to make and decorate. It give the kids a yummy cake without too much icing, and a bit of veggies and its a pretty...


Mocha buttercream filling

By princessdepastel

for all u coffee buffs! this is soooo much easier than making the mocha icing recipe i found on this website. just DONT cover ur whole cake...