NY Yankees Hat & Jersey on Cake Central

NY Yankees Hat & Jersey

By sofiebellesmom

Thanks for for liking my NY Yankees hat and Jersey cake! I had fun making that cake. A lot of people don’t believe me but I basically...

Peanut Butter Cake on Cake Central

Peanut Butter Cake

By chellebell70

I needed a peanut butter cake for my daughter’s friend who was turning 16. This is what I came up with and they were very happy with...

Substitute Eggs In Baking on Cake Central

Substitute Eggs In Baking

By Jackie

This simple egg substitution will work with any recipe.  It is perfect if you are baking for someone that has allergies or is allergic...

Promise's Meringue Buttercream on Cake Central

Promise's Meringue Buttercream

By prterrell

Note: This is my own personal recipe that I developed. Please credit me if sharing with others, thanks Promise Whitley Promise’s...

Deb's Buttercream on Cake Central

Deb's Buttercream

By dmhart

This is the buttercream I always use. It crusts beautifullly. I use the foam roller first to smooth out the main lines of the cake and...

Fluffy Buttercream on Cake Central

Fluffy Buttercream

By Dennysse

I was looking for a fluffy but not very sweet version of buttercream.I made this combination of shortening,egg whites and butter and the...

Kirsch Buttercream on Cake Central

Kirsch Buttercream

By spidergirl

I found this delicious version of a buttercream recipe in a book that I purchased from Amazon called Kauffeehaus by Rick Rodgers. This book...

No Crust Buttercream Icing on Cake Central

No Crust Buttercream Icing

By Anonymous

This very simple recipe makes a fluffy and buttery icing that doesn’t crust. It’s luscious and can be made in all sorts of...

My Easy Buttercream Frosting on Cake Central

My Easy Buttercream Frosting

By kakes_by_kim

This is the best buttercream frosting that I have ever tried. I bake and decorate cakes part time to make a little extra money and this is...

Double Chocolate Buttercream Icing on Cake Central

Double Chocolate Buttercream Icing


I “stumbled” into this recipe while making a graduation cake for a cousin. If you like lots of chocolate, this is it! You can...

White Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream on Cake Central

White Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream

By syiedah

These cupcakes are mind blowing and any one can make them they are great for parties and to give as little gifs so please try them. White...

Best Ever Buttercream on Cake Central

Best Ever Buttercream

By deyouan

This is the BEST buttercream recipe I have ever used! It is easy to tweek with different flavorings or even chocolate powder in place of...

Mocha buttercream filling on Cake Central

Mocha buttercream filling

By princessdepastel

for all u coffee buffs! this is soooo much easier than making the mocha icing recipe i found on this website. just DONT cover ur whole cake...

Super Buttery Buttercream Icing Supreme on Cake Central

Super Buttery Buttercream Icing Supreme

By cakesdivine

To create a fluffy, super buttery tasting, not too sweet buttercream icing follow this recipe! Super Buttery Buttercream Icing Supreme...

Rick's Special Buttercream on Cake Central

Rick's Special Buttercream

By princesscatt

Searched for a buttercream recipe that was not so sweet but still had a rich flavor. Original recipe had 8 cups of powdered sugar, 1 cup of...

Fab Buttercream on Cake Central

Fab Buttercream

By amberlooo

This quick and simple frosting is great for just about anything. Taste matters and this one is tasty. Ingredients Buttercream Frosting 22...

Italian Cream Cheese Buttercream on Cake Central

Italian Cream Cheese Buttercream

By BekahsBakery

This is a smooth Italian Cream Cheese Icing. Can be piped and used for decorating. Ingredients: Amount...

Butterscotch buttercream frosting on Cake Central

Butterscotch buttercream frosting

By travelingcakeplate

I needed this to compliment a banana cream filling. It was suprisingly VERY good! I have officially added it to my menu of frostings!...

Dark Chocolate Buttercream on Cake Central

Dark Chocolate Buttercream

By pinkbox

I was on a mission to find an icing that resembled the chocolate icing from the Great American Cookie Company. I tried at least 4 before I...

Chocolate Buttercream by fchevel on Cake Central

Chocolate Buttercream by fchevel

By fchevel

chocolate butter cream, not too heavy and delicious Chocolate Buttercream by fchevel Ingredients 2 3/4 cups confectionery sugar 1/2 cup of...

Gluten Free Casein Free Buttercream Icing GFCF on Cake Central

Gluten Free Casein Free Buttercream Icing GFCF

By cbauer77

This icing is a great way to treat yourself or your kids to some sweetness without the gluten or dairy! Spreads and decorates easily too....

Wilton Buttercream Icing on Cake Central

Wilton Buttercream Icing

By angel_wings31

Makes about 3 cups of icing and is medium consistency. Ingredients 1/2 cup solid vegetable shortening 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter or margarine...

Peanutbutter cake on Cake Central

Peanutbutter cake

By cakeflake

I had to make a peanut butter cake for my daughters birthday and I didn’t have all of the ingredients to do it from scratch. So I...

Raspberry Charlottes on Cake Central

Raspberry Charlottes

By k-loveevents

These have quickly become my most requested cakes. The make for quite a beautiful presentation. Happy Baking! (Makes 6 two inch rounds)...

Marshmallow Fondant on Cake Central

Marshmallow Fondant

By Wendoger

Rolled Fondant is an icing substance that is rolled out and used as a covering for cake. Marshmallow Rolled Fondant is more shinny than...



By tara1970

If you would like to make a layer cake instead of cupcakes, divide the batter between 2 (9-inch) round cake pans and bake the layers for 30...