Carrot Cake using Baby Food Carrots

By belindajax

This is a carrot cake that uses baby food carrots so there’s no shredding or grating. My mother-in-law used this recipe for years and...


Carrot Cake Bars

By Anonymous

This is a very moist carrot cake using baby food carrots. I frost it with a Cream Cheese Frosting, then cut into bars. Carrot Cake Bars...


Gerber Garbage Cake

By IrishCookie

This was made by a lady from my home town. She always made them for bake sales at our school. She gave me the recipe and I just found it...


Spice Cake I

By Anonymous

This cake is delicious, my grandmother gave me this recipe two years ago. She brought it to my house to give to my family when my baby...


Birthday Cake for Pups

By Redhedoo7

This is a recipe I cobbled together from cookbooks and the internet and my own knowledge of baking. I made this for my friend Bruiser who...


Ultimate Carrot Cake

By sugarnut

This is a recipe that I got from my Mom, origin unknown. I use this all the time for parties and weddings, and everyone loves it. Some like...


Cocoa chocolate cake

By krissycakes21

This chocolate cake recipe is SUPER easy and makes a great chocolate cake to carve into whatever masterpiece you want to make. You can&...


Chocolate Cake Roll with Chocolate Mousse Filling

By nashsmom

Cake roll made with splenda Chocolate Cake Roll with Chocolate Mousse Filling Ingredients Cake: 1/3 cup cocoa 1/3 cup water 3 eggs,...


Maraschino Cherry Cake

By chaos_cakes

A very good friend shared this “Tried-and-True” family recipe with me. It has been a favorite ever since, especially for those...


Cream Cheese base fondant

By kansaswolf

This is a recipe I came up with myself after a horrible experience with tasting Wilton fondant. It uses ingredients that are either in your...

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Butter Pecan Cake - (WASC method)

By BeanCountingBaker

For a baby shower the Mommy-to-Be requested something with Bavarian cream filling but preferred white cake over chocolate. I did some...