Italian Cream with a mix

easy ingredients to replicate an Italian Cream cake with using Butter Yellow cake mix and one can of Pecan Frosting.

Italian Cream with a mix


  • butter yellow cake mix
  • ingredients as described on the back of box
  • 1container of Pecan Frostin.


  1. Mix the cake ingredients as described on the cake box. However you add the one container of Pecan frosting into the mix as an additional item. I normally pour these cakes into bundt pans but they can also be placed into cake pans. they are super moist and you really don’t need a frosting but could use the cream cheese one available.

Comments (3)


WOW this cake is RICH!! very very moist and delicious. I used DH yellow cake mix and icing and it was amazing! I made it for Mother's Day and it passed my Dad's tastes so that is saying something! Great with cream cheese icing. Wonderful and easy!!