Cherry prailines and cream cake truffles

I saw a recipe for cake balls and started playing around with flavors. This one was a big hit!!!!!!!

Cherry prailines and cream cake truffles


  • 8 in yellw cake mix / can be doctored up (makes more!!)
  • prailines and cream coffee creamer to hold together
  • a couple drops of wilton cherry flavoring (candy flavoring) or marashino cherries( I prefer flavoring for this, it makes it easier)
  • 48oz. white chocolate almond bark
  • red candy color(optional)


  1. crumble yellow cake mix the finer the better.
  2. add prailines and cream coffee creamer little at a time until desired texture. Not too much a little mushy is good. Taste it you’ll know if you need more.
  3. Make bite-sized pieces. I made squares, rectangles, and rounds. They looked just like creme filled candies. Freeze them on a cookie sheet for about 30 minutes.
  4. Melt almond bark add a couple drops of candy color(optional) and cherry flavoring. Be careful not to add too much just a couple drops to taste. stir well. Then dip cake pieces into the chocolate and set on cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Let dry for a minute or two depending on the humidity and Enjoy!!!

    Not reccommended for anyone trying to lose weight or worried about their sugar intake. One bite and you’ll be coming back.


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