How to make a Rainbow Cake

By [Top-Chef]

About This Recipe:

How to make a Rainbow Cake
This is a really simple surprise to rustle up for a birthday cake – I made this one for Dylan’s (one of my boys) birthday recently.   Having seen, and tasted, a great deal of things the boys are now quite difficult to amaze.  So, I made this cake in secret – think of me as you read the instructions – trying to hide cake mix, cooked cakes and decorate the blooming thing without anyone seeing!  And yes it was definitely worth it to see the look on his face x




500g butter, softened
500g caster sugar
10 eggs, large ...... read more


Preheat the oven to 160c fan/180c/Gas Mark 4.
Gather together your tins for baking. I was making this cake into Dylan’s favourite book so I wanted rectangular cakes. I used a baking tray and a roasting tin the same size .... read more