Cookies for all occasions

This is an recepie which I made and it's relly easy. I use it for all tipes of cookies and they are really tasty eaven alone ,but they are absolutly the best with rapsberry jam...jummy!!


Amount Ingredient white flour+1.small thespoon baking powder vanilla icing sugar (caster sugar is ok too), 1. egg 125 gr.soft butter a bit of salt, one small spoon lemon zest


Mix butter, egg, sugar ,salt and zest together then add flour with baking powder , leave it for 15 cool place .Roll out the dough on baking paper, spread with flour and turn around, so it does not stick on the work surface.Proceed like for all other cookies choosing a mold and cookies cutter as you like. Oven temepreature max180°. Bye Alma Read more at

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