Vegan "Buttercream" w/ Optional Flavorings

This is a vegan icing recipe that does not rely on non-hydrogenated shortening alone. Simple and easy, thanks to the vegan products you can find today. Easy to flavor as you like and holds up very well.


Amount Ingredient 1 container Earth Balance Spread 4-8 cups of powdered sugar (depending on the consistency you want)


Whip the spread until creamy, then add sugar until you reach the consistency you desire. Flavor as you prefer. Flavor of choice options- Vanilla- add 2-3 tsp extract or the scraped seeds of one bean Almond- 1-2 tsp extract Lemon- 1-2 tsp extract OR use more sugar and whip in some fresh lemon juice as you go Raspberry (my fave)- whip in 1/2-2/3 cup raspberry coulis OR 2 cups fresh raspberries Chocolate- 3-4 oz melted semi sweet or unsweetened or dark chocolate This holds up very well, even in warm temps. I never have weeping or falling. Treat it like any basic buttercream as far as flavor and versatility. Use the raspberry version on a vegan chocolate cake and watch everyone, vegan or not, drool and scarf it down.

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