marshmallow fondant by ninatat

i use this recipe and have never had a problem with it INGREDIENTS 1 one lb bag of confectioners sugar 2 teaspoons water 1 regular bag of miniature marshmallows DIRECTIONS add water to marshmallows nuke at intervals 30 sec stir in between i add about 1 cup of con sugar at a time i use a bowl you can grease the bowl, be sure to crease your hand before mixing pull, twist fold ect adding crisco to hands  as needed when mixing you can split batch into smaller sizes, grease outside and saran wrap let set about 5 hours, you can refigerate use confectioners sugar when rolling out when i open a bag i use crisco again or you can microwave for a second or 2 watch carefully i don't buy the large bag of marshmallows because the ratio doesn't work out if you want to use all one color you can add it to the marshmallow start with small amount of color and add as needed easier than adding after made, if you need separate colors, use crisco when mixing colors i you find when it almost mixed and have the last of con sugar is hard to mix in you can use a tiny tiny bit of water i use this same recipe when making 50/50 gumpaste,

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