Crème aux Pistaches (Pistachio Cream)

This recipe is a little involved, and the main flavoring agent (pistachio paste) is somewhat of a specialty item not available at the grocery store (not that I have ever seen, anyway--you may be able to get it at a good cake supply house, or just google â??pistachio pasteâ? and youâ??ll find a few places online). This recipe also calls for pastry cream powder, which is not widely available. You may substitute cornstarch for this, but the amount should be increased by 1/3, if you do. Also, all of my recipes are metric, by weight, so I apologize if that screws things up for you lol. Good luck!

Crème aux Pistaches (Pistachio Cream)


  • 100 grams whole milk 35 grams pistachio paste 60 grams granulated sugar 8 grams pastry cream powder 4 egg yolks 320 grams butter 200 grams egg whites (if using carton egg whites, make sure they are suitable for meringue) 200 grams granulated sugar


  1. 1. In a heavy saucepan combine milk, pistacho paste, and the 60 grams of sugar
  2. 2. Bring to a boil over high heat
  3. 3. Just before the mixture comes to a full boil, whisk the yolks and pastry cream powder together.
  4. 4. Temper the boiling milk mixture into the eggs by adding 1/3 into the egg mixture while whisking rapidly.
  5. 5. Add the tempered mixture back into the remaining milk in the pan, whisk thorough and return to the burner.
  6. 6. Bring the mixture to a boil whisking CONSTANTLY and boil for two minutes. (This will be the longest 2 minutes of your life, but you must whisk rapidly and constantly for the full two minutes to avoid lumps. If it gets lumpy, remove from heat, whisk thoroughly, and then returnâ??if you get lumps, do NOT panicâ??weâ??ll fix it later lol).
  7. 7. Remove from heat and transfer to a clean bowl. Allow to cool with plastic wrap pressed directly on the surface to avoid forming a skin.
  8. 8. Once it had cooled to room temperature, refrigerate to chill throughly.
  9. 9. While cream is chilling, paddle butter in you mixer until light and fluffy.
  10. 10. Add the chilled pastry cream and paddle until fully incorporated (if you did get lumps during the cooking process, this is the time to turn up your mixer and beat the cream into submission to get the lumps out).
  11. 11. Make an Italian Meringue with the egg whites and 200 grams of sugar.
  12. 12. Fold the meringue into the pistachio/butter mixture
  13. 13. If desired, fold in chopped pistachios.
  14. Now hereâ??s the good news, if youâ??re not up for it, I suspect (although being a pastry chef and die-hard scratch baker, I havenâ??t tried it), if you canâ??t get your hands on pistachio paste or you donâ??t want to be bothered making the pistachio pastry cream, you can probably skip the first part by making very THICK pistachio pudding (like MAJORLY cutting back on the milk to give a very thick custard like consistency) then continue on to where you fold the pistachio pastry cream into the butter, and then the meringue. Again, I havenâ??t tried this myself, but I imagine it would work and be a close second for the real thing if you either canâ??t get the ingredients or want to save some step. This goes AWESOME with chocolate cake, and I think it would also make a fabulous pistachio cream pie filling! Good luck. PM/email me if you have problems or questions!