Chocolate Raspberry Crepe Cake

This decadent indulgence takes crêpes to a whole new level! This recipe for chocolate raspberry crêpe cake features over 40 layers of rich chocolate crêpes all dressed up with raspberry mascarpone cream. Top this crêpe cake off with fresh raspberries.

Layers upon layers of decadent chocolate crepes, dressed with raspberry mascarpone cream! This delicious chocolate cake is a chocolate lover’s dream! Top each slice with raspberry sauce to make this cake even sweeter!


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this is truly a spectacular looking cake to serve, and gets a lot of compliments.

I was however concerned that the taste wasn't good enough considering the superb ingredients. I am going to try it again with some changes, eg - reduce the eggs - 12 eggs for approx. 25 pancakes = leather, particularly when you need to refrigerate them with the filling (I used the springform tin mentioned in the method). - to achieve 1/4 cup per pancake, need to have pan on fairly low to spread this evenly before it starts cooking (I was using the heavy non-stick pan on stove method, not light crepe pan, which is a lesson in itself for me) - I will also think about replacing the all purpose flour with self raising to reduce the "leather" texture further - Frozen raspberries released a lot of liquid, so will allow these to drain after crushing next time for some time before using (and save the liquid for my next raspberry cupcake icing) - I used a bar of 70% lindt choc ontop before placing the fresh raspberry garnish - will repeat this, and will also streak some chocolate onto each pancake before adding the mix - the cocoa flavour (I used strong dutch) in the pancakes, seemed to disappear by the time the cake had come out of the fridge, when it was very present when putting the cake together. - will definitely whip the cream to v v soft peak before adding the sugar and vanilla - whipping it together meant I landed up overbeating it as doesn't behave like normal cream whipping (well obviously I was being a bit of an idiot here - I must say learning ingredient behaviour in my new h.duty kitchenaid (from 30 years on a Kenwood) has been a bit of a pain in this regard. this cake is DEFINITELY worth trying again and getting right - its a feast for the eyes. My guests were very happy, but then they didn't know what had gone into it.


Wow, thank you for sharing your experience with this recipe. It is certainly intimidating and I applaud you for giving it another go!

Please share your photos with us!