0 Trans Fat Crisco Buttercream using Butter and Crisco

This is the recipe me and my husband use on all of our cakes and when mentioned to family and friends I may have to change I got yelled at lol, I was told not to change it figure out how to fix any problems that may occur but luckily we didn’t have the same issues others have with the 0 trans fat issue. It’s the base for all of our flavored buttercreams. This recipe uses WHOLE MILK instead of WATER as we’ve found that water and the NEW Crisco do NOT mix.

I hope you all get great results as we have! :) I’d also like to add that I live on the East Coast of the US, in Maryland. It gets VERY hot and VERY humid here in the summer time with temps reaching just over 100* on our hottest days and the humidity levels being 100% on those days. This icing held up to sitting in direct sun exposure outside at a party at a park, for 2 hours with temps reaching 99* that day. (Please see the Princess cake in my photos, it was taken at the party in the sunlight lol)

0 Trans Fat Crisco Buttercream using Butter and Crisco


  • 1/2 Cup Butter
  • 1/2 Cup Crisco
  • 1 tsp Clear Vanilla Extract
  • 1 lb/4 cups Powdered Sugar


  1. Cream butter and crisco together with any type of mixer (stand or hand will work fine, stand is quicker).
  2. Add the sugar (stand mixer all at once, hand mixer small batches) and mix/cream until well blended.
  3. Add the vanilla and mix again.
  4. Finally add 2 TBS Milk. Mix until fully combined and smooth. Taste a small sample to feel texture and taste and so on. Add up to 2 TBS more Milk IF needed.
  5. I use a little more milk by the tspfull for thinning down for crumb coating and writting, just eyeball it, add a tsp and mix until creamy, continue until the right thinness.
  6. For alternative flavors, you can subtract some of the Milk in the recipe for additional flavorings or you can just take out the vanilla and use a different flavoring liquid.
  7. I’ve also added 2/3 cup Cocoa powder to this recipe, and added just a touch more Milk to get it back to a smooth texture, for a nice fudgy rich Chocolate ButterCream. (see chocolate cake in photos)

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