Frozen Chocolate Mousse Tart

This delicious dessert is a great way to use any leftover whipped cream you may have. It’s simple and elegant and no one will know it was this easy.


Frozen Chocolate Mousse Tart
1 box (1.4 ounce) instant chocolate pudding
1/2 cup cold milk
2 cups whipped cream
Cocoa powder
Pre-baked tart shell

Combine chocolate pudding mix with milk and stir.
Fold whipped cream into pudding gently, and blend until desired streaking occurs.
Pour the mixture into the pre-baked tart shell, cover and freeze until it sets.
Serve frozen, dusted with cocoa powder.

Comments (2)


Don't you have to let the pudding firm up first? If I remember correctly, the last time I folded in the whipped cream before letting the pudding set, it just melted-lol


Setting it up first seems to make sense. Never used this recipe. How would this hold up as a filling a cake and would it holdup overnight? I would also appreciate the proper procedure. thanks