Top 5 Halloween Dessert Table Treats

Themed dessert tables are a decorative and delicious addition to your annual Halloween festivities. We’ve gathered the 5 best Halloween dessert table treats to make your display ghoulishly eye-grabbing or spookily sweet!

1. Spider Cake Pops

Any other time of year, spiders and sweets would be an unlikely pair. During Halloween though, normally frightening creatures can be transformed into cute decorations, like these spider cake pops!

900x900px-LL-2cf249f6_gallery86991256062820 2.  Pumpkin Bundt Cake

This is pumpkin bundt cake is simple to make.  Prepare two bundt cakes and layer them to achieve the round pumpkin shape, and you have a perfect, ready to decorate pumpkin!

900x900px-LL-5e095f94_gallery7266041288313556 3. Severed Finger Cookies

Make these finger cookies as gory and realistic as you dare!

Raspberry sauce makes these delicious chocolate cake pops look downright disgusting.

350x700px-LL-f6a47900_9-bat 5.  Black Bat Cookies

These black bat cookies are  fun and festive, perfect for a get-together of tiny trick-or-treaters!


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