Gelatine wings / flowers

Gelatine wings / flowers


  • Gelatin, water and food coloring


  1. Gelatin Flowers or Wings
  2. You can modify the following amounts based on the flowers or wings you will be making. Assemble wire for petal/wing before mixing gelatin. Mix 1 part unflavored gelatin to 3 parts water (2 teaspoons gelatin and 6 teaspoons water) in a glass bowl for each individual color. Place the mixture in the microwave for about 13 seconds. Remove, add color and stir slowly so that you can reduce the air bubbles. You will pretty much have to use your judgment as to when the mixture is the right consistency. I waited about 4-5 minutes before I attempted to place the formed petals/wing in the mixture one at a time. Put your petal/wing flat in the mixture (have enough of a stem to hold onto) and move it around in the mixture. Hold the petal/wing in one hand while slowly turning the bowl and pulling the petal/wing up (slowly) at the same time. It took many tries before I was able to get the first petal/wing to come out of the mixture complete. As you do this, the mixture will get thicker and probably require you to microwave it again. Just keep moving the bowl while you hold the stem and slowly pull up. Put the petal/wing in Styrofoam and let it sit for a few minutes. It will set very quickly.

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