5 Best Chocolate Cake Recipes


Chocolate cake is a great go-to dessert for almost any occasion; delicious and versatile, it comes in all kinds of variations. From mousse to marble, there's something for everyone! We've rounded up our best chocolate cake recipes for you to choose your next delectable dessert from.

1. Chocolate Lover's Dream Cake

Based on a cake mix, this cake comes together quickly and easily!

2. Chocolate Mousse Cake

Light and airy, this mousse cake is perfect served chilled on a warm day.

3. Marble Cake

The best of both worlds, chocolate is swirled into vanilla cake in this beautiful recipe.

4. Scratch Chocolate Cake

Baking chocolate cake from scratch is a labor of love, but well worth the effort!

5. Easy Vegan Chocolate Cake

You'll never even miss the eggs in this easy vegan cake.


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