Toni's Brownies

This is a brownie recipe from a bakery i used to work at. They are so good that my friend who i worked with and was also a student teacher at the culinary school we went to, used this recipe for the pastry classes. They are more like fudge then browinies.. enjoy


Toni’s Brownies


  • 15.6 oz butter
  • 2# 7.2oz sugar
  • 6oz cocoa powder
  • 10 eggs
  • 2Tbs vanilla
  • 1# cake flour
  • .2oz salt


  1. 1. combine butter, sugar, eggs, cocoa powder and vanilla. Mix to paste.
  2. 2.Add dry ingredients and mix well
  3. 3.Use a parchment lined 1/2 cake pan, make sure the sides are lined too . 4. Bake at 350, 24-26 minutes, turning 1/2 through.
  4. After the brownies were completely cool we coated the top with a chocolate glaze… ill post that recipe in the frosting section..personally these are best eaten cold out of the refrigerator :)

Comments (2)


is this a really large recipe? If I have it right.... 2 pounds 7 oz of sugar? and 1 pound of cake flour baking it in a 1/2 sheet cake pan?


I quartered the recipe and baked it in an 8"x8" pan (used glass, so it took a little longer). Came out beautifully! Very moist and fudgy -- best homemade brownie recipe I've tried yet. Thanks for sharing!