Baker's Butter Cream

Baker’s Butter Cream Icing. Gerat tasting icing! Light not sweet and has a whip cream taste. The Icing is smooth easy to work with, great for making butter cream flowers, and use it alone for a great tasting filling! Also makes nice smooth sides and tops. They will be asking for another slice!

Make lot’s in advance and freeze it. Double the recipe, it goes a long way!

Baker’s Butter Cream


  • 1 stick butter/ soft but not mushy
  • 1 cup of Crisco Shortening
  • 1-cup Super Fine Sugar-”Domino”
  • 2 heap. Tbs. flour- “Pillsbury” All purpose
  • 1-cup cold water
  • 1 tbs vanilla extract or any flavor extract


  1. 1) 1 cup of cold water in pan
  2. 2) Add 2 heaping Tbs. flour mix
  3. 3) Cook and stir with wire whip, stirring until thick
  4. 4)Put bowl in fridge until completly cold
  5. 5) (Cream) sugar butter shortening vanilla extract
  6. 6)Add flour mixture *Slowly* until mixed
  7. 7) Mix on high for 1 minute with heavy-duty mixer
  8. 8)FREEZE! Take out 1 half hour before use and beat until fluffy
  9. 9) Then ice your frozen layers. 1 batch should ice a 2 layer 9′ round cake

Comments (3)


Love how smooth it is, no grit whatsoever. Easy to frost and pipe with. Not a great taste, very shortening taste and consistency. Next time I will try upping the butter and lessening the shortening.


I was wondering if your using a heavy duty mixer.. It is real good to work with and honestly I have had many people saying the icing was delicious.. how are you mixing it.. Try creaming the butter crisco superfine sugar and your extract all at once. mix it for some time.. I want you to like the taste.. :)


I was so excited to use this recipe. I made this 3 times and it was gritty, you could taste the flour, and it had the consistency and taste of shortening. It wouldn't crust so I couldn't smooth it and my cake was ruined. I don't have any idea how I could have messed up this bad, much less 3 times. :( I'm sad.