Indydebi's Buttercream -Peanut Butter Variation

I have been looking for a good shelf stable Peanut butter buttercream (That also works under Fondant), with no luck. After some playing around, and lovely advice from Indydebi, I came up with this! It tastes like the inside of Reese Pieces!!!


  • • 1 1/3 cup (Half High-Ratio Shortening, Half Peanut butter – Its almost impossible to measure this being that measuring cups do not come in 1/6′ — It’s ok to eye ball this amount
  • • 1 Packet (3 Tbs) of Dream Whip
  • • 3 Tbs. Vanilla
  • • START WITH 1/2 Cup Milk*, Half & Half* OR Liquid coffee Creamer – You will probably need to add more liquid for your given consistency – if so, from here on out add Non Dairy liquid creamer or water (This will make sure that the frosting stays shelf stable). You can probably add more milk but i wanted to make extra sure this would be safe to sit out.

  • • 2 Lb Powder sugar


  1. 1. Cream together Shortening, and Peanut Butter
    2. Scrape sides of bowl
    3. Add Dream Whip, and Vanilla, Cream together
    4. Cream together -Alternate adding powder sugar & liquid till you have reached your desired consistency

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Can regular shortening be substituted for the the high-ratio? If not how should this be adjusted. I am unable to locate high-ratio shortening in my area.


Crisco is not high ratio. Crisco has taken out their Trans fats which has tended to screw up some recipes. I like High Ration (Like Sweetex or CK makes some) its better in hot weather and it leaves no greasy after taste like regular shortenings


Willowscry: I'm sure you could sub it out, I'm assuming for the same amount of Crisco....ever since I started making Indydebi's recipe I switched to the High ratio and never looked back. ;-)


Was hopeful for this recipe because it uses a high ratio shortening that would give the consistency I need. Consistency is great, perfect for piping. But, there is something about the taste I do not like. I believe it is the addition of the dream whip. It makes the recipe overly sweet and takes away from the peanut butter flavor. With the amount of sugar in this recipe there should not be much of a need, IMO, of any more sweetening! Next time I will try it without and if I feel like it needs more flavor then I will add in the dream whip, using less on the third try.


What if you were to use some meringue powder instead of dream whip. Dream whip have meringue powder in it and it would be less sweet


Deam Whip probably adds stability more than flavour... consistency might vary with type of peanut butter? Some seem more runny than others. And I would think natural peanut butter without the iciing sugar and  saturated fat to keep the oil from separating would have diff. texture.  Has anyone tried it?