Hungarian Gundel Pancakes

It is a traditional Hungarian pancake. The sweet and heavy the more delicious!


  • -Pancakes (Hungarian pancakes are always thin because we stuff it well.)
  • For the pancake: 0,5 kg flour, 2 eggs, a pinch of salt, 2 tablesspoon of sugar, 3 tablespoon of oil and milk and sodawater – it should be liquid; as you fry you’ll see how thin it is. If it is thick pour more sodawater to it.
  • -Filling: 15 dkg graded walnut, 1 dl milk, a teaspoon of rum, sugar like taste, a pinch of cinnemon, some graded lemon & orange peel and finally some raisins
  • - Chocolate sauce – water, creme and a bar of bitter choclate


  1. Bake the pancakes. To the filling boil the milk and put it away from the cook. Add everything to the milk and mix it well. It shouldn’t be liquid, rather like creme. Stuff the pancakes with this filling and roll them or fold them in a shape of triangles.
    Boil the water and put a bowl on the top of the water. Pour the creme into it and add the chocolate. Stirr/Mix it until it will melt! Be careful’ cause choclote burns easily.
    Serve the pancake on a plate poured with the sauce and a nice creme rose on the top! Delicious!

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palacsintak are my favourite Hungarian dessert. We use to eat them with nutella as kids, but my Nagymama told us that chocolate wasnt traditional. We did have them with walnuts (YUM) and a cottage cheese mixture which is made with lemon, sugar and the cheese. Oh so good. Our family recipe we use has no oil (just when cooked in the pan) or sodawater- if too think at the end we add milk, or Nagymama said if they didnt have milk they would use water. I'll have to show her your version!

Thanks for bringing attention to this yummy dish :)


Your welcome! I have also tried one more delicious palacsinta. :-) This is with almond aroma. The pancake recipe is the sam as above but I added some (green) almond aroma to the dough. It got green colour. I baked the pancakes and stuffed them with chocolate pudding or mousse and covered with choclate sause! Yummy! Try it if you like these flavour!