Cream Cheese Swiss Meringue Buttercream

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I’ve decided to share my Cream Cheese SMBC recipe. I make this daily, it’s based on a classic SMBC recipe but I have figured out how to add cream cheese perfectly every time, and I’ve never seen another recipe for it. It is softer, so I only pipe it on cupcakes and use as a filling in cakes (or I’ll pipe it on the top of the cake but the sides I’ll use just SMB). It tastes like soft fluffy cheesecake, and people LOVE it.

This is best eaten the day it was made, and I would not use in a cake made more then 24 hours prior to being eaten.


  • Your Favorite SMBC recipe, OR:
  • 6.25 oz egg whites
  • 7 oz sugar (organic or raw works great too)
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 lb unsalted AA organic or European butter, for best flavor use high quality, all natural with no added “butter flavor or color” – look at the ingredients list, room temp
  • To Make Cream Cheese SMBC:

  • 1 lb. Cream Cheese
  • 2 c. SMBC


  1. For SMBC: Over a double boiler, cook your egg whites and sugar, whisking until 160 degrees F and sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and whip on high to make the meringue (stiff peak), and keep whipping until the bowl is cool to the touch. Switch from your whip to your paddle attachment and add your room temp butter, mixing on low speed. SMBC will go through stages looking curdled, don’t panic, this is normal. Just let the mixer go for 10 or so minutes, it will come together. If your SMBC has air holes, hold it over a warm pot of water stirring constantly. It will get really smooth but be careful not to let it melt! If it seems too soft (or you have a high humidity area) you can add cream of tarter when whipping into meringue or you can hold the finished SMBC over a bowl of ice stirring constantly to firm up.

FOR CREAM CHEESE: In a separate bowl, beat your room temp cream cheese until completely smooth and creamy. Make sure there are NO lumps, and make sure you scrape your bowl. Once you have whipped your cream cheese, add 2 cups of SMBC 1 cup at a time, and beat on high until combined. This is a delicate balance, too much SMBC and it will break. If this happens, add more cream cheese (you must whip your cream cheese FIRST before adding it, otherwise it will be lumpy and you will not get it to smooth out). After you have added 2 cups of SMBC taste it, if it’s a little too cream cheesy add SMBC 1 tbsp at a time until it sweetens it up. But not too much or it will look curdled!

Note: This is NOT a crusting buttercream, will not pipe into a rose, rosette or shell, and I would not put it on a cupcake bouquet or anything where gravity could be a concern. It has a strong cream cheese flavor, and there is no way to make it “more subtle”. Refrigeration is suggested because of the high cheese>sugar ratio, but tastes best at room temp. I have not tried making this with IMBC or FBC, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

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My family loves cream cheese icing, and this is quickly becoming their favorite (at least for cakes that will be consumed within a day.) Start with a good batch of SMBC, and make sure the cream cheese is nice & smooth--I had the best luck with room temp cream cheese. I'll stick with crusting cream cheese icing for cakes that need to last a little longer, when I want to do some piping, and when I need to flavor the icing with fruit puree or liquor. But this is a keeper--even my MIL was impressed!


Is this stable enough to use as a cream cheese filling inside a wedding cake? Im looking for something that won't get to goopy inside the cake and jeopardize the stabbility of the tiered wedding cake


Please forgive me but I don't understand your abbreviations. Can you tell me what they mean? I want to learn and make this.


I read these acronyms all the time and never know what they mean! Please share a footnote when using these for us newbies :)


Hello, I don't get a notification when someone posts a comment or question, so if you have a comment or question please go to the link to the thread I've posted as the 1st comment, or send me a PM.

SMBC - Swiss meringue buttercream IMBC - Italian meringue buttercream FBC - French buttercream

Yes, I make a dark chocolate version, recipe located in the thread link posted in the 1st comment section AND a SMBC tutorial with other variations are located on my blog.

I shy away from using this in my large wedding cakes if I know they will be served less then 24 hours after I've made it.