Coffee Cream Cheese Frosting

I don’t remember who I got this simple recipe from, but when I use it, everyone raves over it!! It’s become one of my family’s favorite frostings on a spice cake (Also tastes great on a carrot cake or chocolate).


  • 1. Your Fav Cream Cheese Frosting recipe or 1 can store bought cream cheese frosting.
  • 2. Folgers Instant Coffee
  • 3. Approx. 1 tsp very hot water (Or less!)


  1. 1. In a small cup or bowl put the tsp of very hot water and mix in about 1 – 2 tsp of the instant coffee and mix til dissolved. You only want enough hot water to dissolve some of the coffee crystals in. (this part is to taste – more coffee gives a stronger flavor, less makes it milder)
    2. Take the cream cheese frosting out of the can and put it in a bowl for easy mixing. Now mix in the dissolved instant coffee. Be sure not to “water” down the frosting too much.
    * Sometimes for visual affect I don’t completely dissolve the coffee so there are small particles of coffee showing in the frosting.
    ** Two cans of cream cheese frosting will fill and frost two 9″ layers
    *** I’m sure that any instant coffee and any flavor will make a wonderful frosting – I just haven’t tried it because I LOVE the original way too much to change!!
    This simple frosting is very rich and decadent!! And people will be asking you what kind of frosting it is. Enjoy!

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