Tylose gumpaste

I use this mixed 50/50 with fondant to do all of my 3D figure modelling and all of my decorations on my cakes. It’s especially great for delicate sugar flowers. It dries nice and hard and is very easy to work with.


  • 2tbsp tylose (CMC) (I get mine at my school’s store but I’m sure you can find it online if you can’t find it elsewhere)
  • 1lb icing sugar
  • 1 heaping tbsp glucose
  • 3 tbsp warm water
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice


  1. combine sifted icing sugar (you MUST sift it) and tylose in a stand mixer. Mix warm water, lemon juice and glucose and stir till the glucose dissolves a bit. Turn mixer on to ‘stir’ and carefully add the glucose mixture making sure it doesn’t touch the sides. Mix on low until you start to hear a ‘clunking’ sound of everything combining into a thick paste. Not all of it will mix in so turn it out onto a countertop, grease your hands with shortening and knead it till it all combines.

If it’s too dry add extra water in very small amounts, just drops at a time, until you get the right consistency. It will be very sticky until the water mixes in so you’ll need to keep your hands greased.

I’ve never had it where it’s too wet but if it happens just keep kneading it and it should come together. If it doesn’t then add more icing sugar a tiny bit at a time.

separate into small balls, wrap in plastic wrap and store in an air tight container or ziplock bag. this keeps for a long time…a few months. You can freeze it but make sure it thaws slowly in the fridge before you try to use it.

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this is the recipe that we used at my school. Keep in mind that this recipe can be a bit dry and is meant to be mixed with fondant. I usually do a 50/50 mixture. I guess I should've put that in the instructions.


I have a question... is tylose the same as Wilton brand Gum Tex. At one of the Wilton classes we mixed a small amount of Gum Tex with fondant to make roses. After a few days the dried very hard and in theory edible. If I mix the Gum Tex with fondant can I make the lid for the shoe box? Thanks


Thank you for this recipe :) what is the purpose of tylose and what is it exactly lol? Is glucose = to corn syrup ? Thank you.


I need to correct my comment above. I've checked since and the ration of fondant to tylose is 250g to 1/2 tsp...not 1 tbsp. Sorry for the error!!

I've never used Gum Tex so I can't say.

glucose is a sugar syrup. I'm not sure if you can sub corn syrup or not.


One question....you said you use 50/50 with fondant...you make this and mix with fondant right ? And does it have to be any fondant ? Can I mix with say marshmallow fondant ?


I just tried this recipe and it seems really great. I'm not a professional by any means, but it was easy to work with for me. FYI-I did substitute corn syrup for the glucose and it seemed to work fine. =) Happy Baking