Witch Hat

By Katrina745

Witch Hat Not a very good picture, but this was my attempt at Collette Peter's witch hat cake. It was a lot of fun to do and everyone was...


Broom And Witch Hat

By cncgirl00

Broom And Witch Hat This is a broom cake ( Wilton 2008 yearbook) that I whipped up real quick for DS because he wanted something for the...


Witch Hat

By Polkadot79

Witch Hat Witch Hat -- One 8 inch layer with 2 6 inch layers. The cone part is rice krispie treats.


Witch Hat Cupcake

By JessDesserts

Witch Hat Cupcake This is a cookies n cream cupcake with cookies n cream frosting topped with fondant witch hat. Many thanks to the...


Witch's Hat Cupcakes

By crazyape

Witch's Hat Cupcakes Witch hat cupcakes (the hat is a Bugle dipped in chocolate), eyeball cupcakes, and gost cupcakes with Peeps. All with...


Dusty Witch Hat

By AlternativeCakes

Dusty Witch Hat Halloween Witch's Hat cake! Kinda poor quality but this was just a quick one made for fun and I have no other photos :(


Distressed Witch Hat

By KraziCakes

Distressed Witch Hat This cake is a distressed fondant that was airbrushed and hand painted as well as hand stichted. It is designed to...


Witch Hat Cookies

By Michele25

Witch Hat Cookies Favors for a witch-themed birthday party; NFSC with RBC and royal accents. TFL!


The Wicked Witch Is Dead

By pounds6

The Wicked Witch Is Dead Hummingbird cake, buttercream icicng, fonant witch hat/legs.


Witch Hat Cupcakes

By smf-tls

Witch Hat Cupcakes Made these for my daughters annual Halloween party. The witch hats are handmade with MMF.


Witch Hat

By Barbend

Witch Hat The hat is made from the wondermold pan. I saw mjs4492's cake like this and had to try it.


Witch Hat

By PhishTech

Witch Hat Made with Nicole211 as a donation to support battered women. Cake was choc w/raspberry filling. 7x3", 6x3" & 5x3" stacked and...


3D Witch Hat

By twistedsplinters

3D Witch Hat did this for my daughters class the teacher wanted an orange hat with a purple spider


Witch Hat Birthday Cake

By mfoxx9

Witch Hat Birthday Cake Confetti cake with chocolate buttercream. 4", 6" and 8" carved to shape of hat with ice cream cone filled with cake...


Wendy The Witch On A Broom

By PerfectIndulgenceCakes

Wendy The Witch On A Broom 36" tall, gravity defying and balancing witch on her broom, as she flies frantically swooshing through the air....


Witch Hat

By luortiz

Witch Hat This is a witch hat created in my decorating classes.


Witch Hat Cupcakes Peppermint Patties Melted Chocolate And Hershey Kisses

By Marlene1102

Witch Hat Cupcakes Peppermint Patties Melted Chocolate And Hershey Kisses Witch hat cupcakes. Peppermint patties, melted chocolate, and...


Halloween Witches Hat Cupcakes

By baking4ever

Halloween Witches Hat Cupcakes carrot cupcakes with cream cheese buttercream with fondant witch hats and sprinkles


Pumpkin Birthday Cake With Witch's Hat

By themaytrix

Pumpkin Birthday Cake With Witch's Hat The birthday boy wanted a pumpkin with a witch's hat. I added the spider on the brim as a creative...


Halloween Pumpkin, Witch's Hat, Polka Dots, Spider

By rvtgbrat

Halloween Pumpkin, Witch's Hat, Polka Dots, Spider This was a cake for a late Halloween Party. Had some trouble with the witch's hat, rice...


Witch's Hat Cupcake

By riverales

Witch's Hat Cupcake Fondant witch's hat. TFL!


Witch's Brew

By ByTheSlice

Witch's Brew Black Kitty wearing a witch's hat in a pot of witch's brew. Thanks for looking!


Jack-O-Lantern Cake With Hat

By jenihoughton

Jack-O-Lantern Cake With Hat Here is a Jack-O-Lantern cake with a witch's hat. The spiders and hat buckle are gumpaste. Laces on the hat...


Witch's Hat

By belindajax

Witch's Hat I was really trying to make the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter for a last-minute halloween block party tonight. No time to make...


Halloween Witch

By DakotaDesigns

Halloween Witch Hadn't planned on this one. I was playing around and made a hat. It looked lonely and needed a head. But then it looked too...


Witch Hats

By kello

Witch Hats Wanted to make a more grown-up cupcake for Halloween. Hats are made of fondant. Chocolate cupcakes with BC icing.