Witch's Party Hat

By mjs4492

Witch's Party Hat Yellow cake covered with fondant. All decorations are fondant. Brim of hat is just a layer of fondant on top of cake...


Witch Hats

By kello

Witch Hats Wanted to make a more grown-up cupcake for Halloween. Hats are made of fondant. Chocolate cupcakes with BC icing.


Witch Cauldron

By patisseriejaja

Witch Cauldron I saw this design on CC and think it is the perfect funniest Halloween cake! This is my version of the witch cauldron. This...


Halloween Birthday Cake

By hilly

Halloween Birthday Cake Design matched the invitations. 10, 8 orange pound cake with cream cheese filling, frosted in cream cheese bc,...


Witches Cauldron

By Hoadie34

Witches Cauldron Witches cauldron cake. Cauldron is white cake with chocolate buttercream. Legs and Hat are made from cereal treats. I saw...


Halloween Cake Pic 1

By Cake_Geek

Halloween Cake Pic 1 Pumpkins, witch's hat, and broom bristles all in fondant. Fence is royal icing. I had so much fun doing this cake!!!...


Happy Halloween!

By arosstx

Happy Halloween! Dark Chocolate Fudge cake inside, BC outside. Purchased candy corn on bottom, also purchased mini-pumpkin w/ painted...


Halloween Party

By ps3884

Halloween Party I made this for a 7 year old who was having a Halloween Birthday party. The design for the cake is from cc member...


Wondermold Amp Sports Ball Pan Fondant Dress And Cauldron Gumpaste Body Face Hat And Arms Piping Gell Inside The Cauldron Had Fun Wi

By katharry

Wondermold Amp Sports Ball Pan Fondant Dress And Cauldron Gumpaste Body Face Hat And Arms Piping Gell Inside The Cauldron Had Fun Wi...


Witch's Brew

By mommykicksbutt

Witch's Brew Witch (made using Wilton's wonder mold) stooped over a swirling cauldron. Cauldron made from two bowl shaped cakes. Brew is...


Pumpkin Witch And Spiders

By maplecakes

Pumpkin Witch And Spiders Iced and decorated with BC. The jack o lantern is a cupcake covered with fondant, details piped in BC. The hat is...


Witch Hat Cupcakes

By Loali

Witch Hat Cupcakes Hats made of gumpaste, buttercream frosting tinted with americolors electric colors.


Caps On

By SimplyCakesNMore

Caps On Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla icing and fondant witches' hats. Thank you, Kello for the inspiration.


Haunted Castle

By Hookste

Haunted Castle I made this Haunted Castle for my niece's 2nd Birthday party.



By dailey

Webwitch.jpg witch with mmf hat, dress and broomstick. cake board covered in mmf and stenciled.


Halloween Cupcakes

By awatterson

Halloween Cupcakes Toppers are fondant. Ghosts are gumpaste. Face on the pumpkin and the bag are hand painted.


Halloween Cookies

By kimsmom

Halloween Cookies These are the cookies I made for a recent cookie exchange. NFSC with RI. They were hand cut from some of my old designs....


Halloween Witches' Hat Cookies

By Bellatheball

Halloween Witches' Hat Cookies My boss at my full time job ordered these from me. It's my own sugar cookie recipe and a glaze icing with...


Toil And Trouble

By ChrisJack1

Toil And Trouble There are too many cauldron cakes here on CC to credit any one particular person, so I'll say that they have all been an...


Witch Kitty

By Rambo

Witch Kitty This is darn good chocolate cake with marshmallow buttercream (MMM good) I made the witches hat with fondant the cat is a mini...


Halloween Cookies

By SueB

Halloween Cookies NFSC with corn syrup icing.


Witch's Brew

By ByTheSlice

Witch's Brew Black Kitty wearing a witch's hat in a pot of witch's brew. Thanks for looking!


Halloween Cupcakes 1

By ljudd1969

Halloween Cupcakes 1 I know it's a little early for these, but we're having a "Super Saturday" craft day at church in the fall & had to...


Distressed Witch Hat

By KraziCakes

Distressed Witch Hat This cake is a distressed fondant that was airbrushed and hand painted as well as hand stichted. It is designed to...