Melting Candles on Cake Central

Melting Candles

By micnmax2003

Melting Candles Strawberry cake layered w/ ganache, vanilla buttercream & chocolate wrap. Would like to thank the cc members for the...

Pink Princess Cake on Cake Central

Pink Princess Cake

By peggyslee

Pink Princess Cake WASC with vanilla butter cream filling and icing. Fondant accents, gumpaste bow and tiara. Thanks to EnglishCakeLady for...

Pumpkin Pie Cupcake Toppers! on Cake Central

Pumpkin Pie Cupcake Toppers!

By fiddlesticks

Pumpkin Pie Cupcake Toppers! Im going to put these on my pumpkin spice /cream cheese cupcakes for a Thanksgiving Get together. I have to...

Palm Tree Trunk Tutorial on Cake Central

Palm Tree Trunk Tutorial

By Dani084

Palm Tree Trunk Tutorial Here is my take on how to make the palm tree trunks.

Giant Cupcake on Cake Central

Giant Cupcake

By mrsvb78

Giant Cupcake Another giant cupcake for a customer, these are very popular colours. The base is made from Candy Melts and coloured with...

Polka Dots on Cake Central

Polka Dots

By DStauch

Polka Dots Polka Dots Hidden Inside. How to and other info can be found on my blog. Thanks for looking!

Gelatin Slippers For Cinderella Pillow Cake on Cake Central

Gelatin Slippers For Cinderella Pillow Cake

By sweetflowers

Gelatin Slippers For Cinderella Pillow Cake I did 2 gelatin 'glass' slippers. The larger one is about 8". Trying to decide which to put on...

Cute Puppy on Cake Central

Cute Puppy

By KathysCC

Cute Puppy This was for a little boy's first birthday. Carved from several cakes with the help of information from fellow CCers. Thanks...

Diy Puff Cake on Cake Central

Diy Puff Cake

By wildorchid

Diy Puff Cake I did this cake as a tutorial for a DIY wedding blog. The "puffs" are made from fruit roll-ups!

Easter Basket on Cake Central

Easter Basket

By sugarshack

Easter Basket easter basket with chocolate eggs. I have a photo tutorial for this cake on my blog. TFL!

Mummy And Baby Giraffe on Cake Central

Mummy And Baby Giraffe

By EnglishCakeLady

Mummy And Baby Giraffe A shower cake to welcome baby Aaden. The giraffes are copied from the shower invitation and the bamboo name plaque...

Pillow Cake on Cake Central

Pillow Cake

By Bonnie151

Pillow Cake My first attempt at pillows - great fun! I followed the brilliant tutorial on CC by missyek. Fondant covered cakes with...

Pretty, Petite, & Pink!! on Cake Central

Pretty, Petite, & Pink!!

By ChrisJack1

Pretty, Petite, & Pink!! I made this cake the same way I explained in the tutorial. I call this one the sister of my black, gray, & white...

Brush Embroidery Lavendar Peonies on Cake Central

Brush Embroidery Lavendar Peonies

By bbmom

Brush Embroidery Lavendar Peonies My first attempt at brush embroidery. I really love this technique. I need to get some better brushes,...

Shirt And Tie For Dad on Cake Central

Shirt And Tie For Dad

By CakeswLove

Shirt And Tie For Dad This was a customers request for her dads 50th b-day, his favorite shirt and tie. I was really happy with the outcome...

Giant Rose Cake on Cake Central

Giant Rose Cake

By jennicita

Giant Rose Cake Another giant rose cake, this time in green for my friend who absolutely loves the color! And again, thanks to Alvarezmom...

Tutorial Katelyn Part1 on Cake Central

Tutorial Katelyn Part1

By dutchcakes

Tutorial Katelyn Part1 I have tried to post a tutorial by tutorials but its doesn't seem to respond so I will do it this way! I hope you...

Minnie Mouse on Cake Central

Minnie Mouse

By Lovemesomecake

Minnie Mouse Cupcake to match....tutorial for cupcake stand is on my blog.

Ruffles And Roses on Cake Central

Ruffles And Roses

By EnglishCakeLady

Ruffles And Roses A buttercream ruffles and roses cake for a bridal shower. Thanks to peggyslee who did the first ruffles and roses...

Daisy Cupcakes on Cake Central

Daisy Cupcakes

By swakeleyscakes

Daisy Cupcakes Tutorial can be found in Peggy P's "Pretty Party Cakes" book. This chocolate cupcake has 2 layers of liquid fondant (1 coat...

Buttercream Ruffles And Roses Cake on Cake Central

Buttercream Ruffles And Roses Cake

By StrawberryLaneCakeCompany

Buttercream Ruffles And Roses Cake This is the first buttercream ruffles and roses cake I made after seeing a tutorial on You Tube. It is...

Red Roses on Cake Central

Red Roses

By peggyslee

Red Roses Can't stop making this rose cake based on the "i am baker" tutorial. This time it's red roses for Rosalie's birthday. WASC,...

Melted Snowman Cookies And Tutorial on Cake Central

Melted Snowman Cookies And Tutorial

By CakeInfatuation

Melted Snowman Cookies And Tutorial I finally got the tutorial on how I do the melting snowman cookies. This time I switched it up a bit...

Purple And White "shawna Flower" Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Purple And White "shawna Flower" Birthday Cake

By annemarie40

Purple And White "shawna Flower" Birthday Cake 6,8,10 in round tiers.. Thanks to corriecakes for flower tutorial. The tiers are Italian...

Stained Glass Technique on Cake Central

Stained Glass Technique

By LindaWolff

Stained Glass Technique Stained glass design. I must have been crazy to try this one out. Stickiest mess I have ever worked with. Bottom...

Cutest Cupcake, Ever! on Cake Central

Cutest Cupcake, Ever!

By natskys

Cutest Cupcake, Ever! Sheep made using Aine2 tutorial on Youtube. These guys are so cute! Lemon whip chocolate cake with raspberry swiss...