Fairy Unicorn Garden Cake on Cake Central

Fairy Unicorn Garden Cake

By JaneK

Fairy Unicorn Garden Cake For a 4 yr old's birthday cake....so many thanks my friends, Aine2 for her superb modeling tutorial found on her...

Smiddy_Wedding6G.jpg on Cake Central


By moydear77

Smiddy_Wedding6G.jpg All PINK Butter Cream cake with PINK satin ribbon border. Tons of PINK blown sugar bubbles. Here is a link to the...

Belinda's 30Th Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Belinda's 30Th Birthday Cake

By franjmc

Belinda's 30Th Birthday Cake This cake is from a design by Boonenati, and I also followed her shoe tutorial, thanks Nati :) It's a caramel...

Lightning Mcqueen on Cake Central

Lightning Mcqueen

By springlakecake

Lightning Mcqueen Lightning McQueen for my son's 6th birthday party today. Thanks to chubbycheeks and boonenati for her tutorial. Both...

Purse-And-Shoe Cake For Daughter's 21St Birthday on Cake Central

Purse-And-Shoe Cake For Daughter's 21St Birthday

By Ksue

Purse-And-Shoe Cake For Daughter's 21St Birthday With a zillion thanks to Sandra for sharing her awesome shoe tutorial!

Abbie's Princess Cake on Cake Central

Abbie's Princess Cake

By amberhoney

Abbie's Princess Cake Made for my favourite niece ( I only have one!!) so it had to be special. She is very 'into' Disney Princesses at the...

Gumpaste Figure With Broken Leg on Cake Central

Gumpaste Figure With Broken Leg

By kelly75

Gumpaste Figure With Broken Leg Birthday cake for a lady with a broken leg (and a purple cast!), made using Aine2's fantastic tutorial as a...

Top Tier Wedding Pillow on Cake Central

Top Tier Wedding Pillow

By denise4

Top Tier Wedding Pillow just a trial of a pillow cake, many thanks to missyek for the tutorial on CC, I really enjoyed making this cake

Watering Can Cake on Cake Central

Watering Can Cake

By springlakecake

Watering Can Cake I made this for my MIL's 60th birthday. I wanted to do a watering can...

Elegant Present Cake on Cake Central

Elegant Present Cake

By Arty

Elegant Present Cake Wanted to have a go at the knotted bow tutorial on CC. I think it came out ok. Customer was very happy with it and...

Blue Bows Wedding Shower on Cake Central

Blue Bows Wedding Shower

By melysa

Blue Bows Wedding Shower Thanks Franjmc for the bow tutorial and sweet_as_tisse for the wonderful jewelry idea! 6,8,10" rounds. WBH banana...

Bears, Bows, Blossoms on Cake Central

Bears, Bows, Blossoms

By JaneK

Bears, Bows, Blossoms This is a christening cake I did for a work friend. She said I could do whatever I liked but just to use cream and...

My First Bow on Cake Central

My First Bow

By franjmc

My First Bow I was just experimenting the other day after finding the tutorial on making bows, this is the result.

Spaghetti Cake on Cake Central

Spaghetti Cake

By tabbiekat

Spaghetti Cake This cake was so much fun to make, and it was delicious! I used the recipes and the tutorial by Rosemary Cheris Littman....

Baby Shower Cake Inspired By Tuggy! on Cake Central

Baby Shower Cake Inspired By Tuggy!

By antonia74

Baby Shower Cake Inspired By Tuggy! Thanks Tuggy for the cake design ideas. It was a fun shower cake to create all the little fondant...

Thomas The Train on Cake Central

Thomas The Train

By springlakecake

Thomas The Train 3D Thomas the Train for a 3 year old's birthday. Thank you Socake advice and Wendy for your tutorial.

First Gumpaste Shoe on Cake Central

First Gumpaste Shoe

By Sugar_Plum_Fairy

First Gumpaste Shoe Thanks so much Socakes for your tutorial and for allowing me to try to duplicate your beautiful shoe. Obviously I need...

Lauren's Proposal on Cake Central

Lauren's Proposal

By christeena

Lauren's Proposal Did this cake for a friend whose future son-in-law wanted to propose with the cake at a "supposed" going away party for...

Expectant Mommy on Cake Central

Expectant Mommy

By Tallycake

Expectant Mommy I wanted to practice for a cake order I have coming up for a baby shower and I purchased and used Aine2's wonderful...

Leaving Cake on Cake Central

Leaving Cake

By katharry

Leaving Cake I saw this cake in a sugarcraft magazine and just happened to have a friend whose sister is leaving New Zealand tonight to go...

Pillow Cake on Cake Central

Pillow Cake

By Bonnie151

Pillow Cake My first attempt at pillows - great fun! I followed the brilliant tutorial on CC by missyek. Fondant covered cakes with...

Hiking And Biking! on Cake Central

Hiking And Biking!

By Berecca

Hiking And Biking! I sculpted a 6" and 9" cake to make this hiking cake. My husband actually worked out the structure of the spiral on...

Leanne's Cake on Cake Central

Leanne's Cake

By boonenati

Leanne's Cake This is a coconut and lemon buttercake, that i made to take to my friend tomorrow. She just bought a new house. Anyway the...

Rose Cupcake Bouquet on Cake Central

Rose Cupcake Bouquet

By bellejoey

Rose Cupcake Bouquet This is a cupcake bouquet that I tried from "Cambo's" tutorial. It was for my children's teachers today for Mothers...

Baby Boy Shower Cake With Spots And Stripes on Cake Central

Baby Boy Shower Cake With Spots And Stripes

By JaneK

Baby Boy Shower Cake With Spots And Stripes Here is the 2nd baby shower cake for the same girl as my last baby shower cake..this one is...

Puppy Dogs on Cake Central

Puppy Dogs

By Mac

Puppy Dogs This is my favorite cake of the week. Thanks to ygbecerra for a great pic and sue_dye for a great pic tutorial. Pillow carved...