Trick Or Treat Bags on Cake Central

Trick Or Treat Bags

By Gama

Trick Or Treat Bags I used my tomb stone cookie cutter to make these treat bag cookies.nfsc and royal icing.

Trunk Or Treat Cookies on Cake Central

Trunk Or Treat Cookies

By luv2bak4myboys

Trunk Or Treat Cookies These are my first decorated cookies! They are NFSC with royal icing. I made 50 of them to give out at church and my...

Santa Chimney on Cake Central

Santa Chimney

By shanasweets

Santa Chimney Thanks to Beverly for the inspiration. Although mine is not nearly as good. Did the santa in rice crispy treats, covered with...

Trick-Or-Treat Pumpkin on Cake Central

Trick-Or-Treat Pumpkin

By JStrang

Trick-Or-Treat Pumpkin A pumpkin cake made to look like an old-school plastic trick-or-treat pumpkin. It is filled with real candy, for...

Cheeseburger And Corn On The Cob Cake on Cake Central

Cheeseburger And Corn On The Cob Cake

By khoudek

Cheeseburger And Corn On The Cob Cake Dark and decadent chocolate cake covered with RUMMF with chocolate rice krispie treat hamburger....

Star Wars - Millenium Falcon on Cake Central

Star Wars - Millenium Falcon

By Nanacakesdesign

Star Wars - Millenium Falcon Chocolate Cake, Buttercream Icing, Marshmallow Fondant and Krispie Treat. The cake sits slightly angled....

Halloween Cat on Cake Central

Halloween Cat

By crumbcake

Halloween Cat Chocolate cake filled w/Caramel SMBC & Choc. Ganache. Pumpkin is rice crispy treat filled with candy as a extra treat for the...

Bbq Grill Cake on Cake Central

Bbq Grill Cake

By doofusmongerbeep

Bbq Grill Cake Eight inch vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling, covered with fondant. Top piece is a Rice Krispies Treat covered...

Fourth Of July Picnic Cake on Cake Central

Fourth Of July Picnic Cake

By judylynnturner

Fourth Of July Picnic Cake This was done for hubby's friends at work. Every once in a while, I like to treat them to something yummy before...

Disney Cars 3Rd Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Disney Cars 3Rd Birthday Cake

By bakedandiced

Disney Cars 3Rd Birthday Cake My dd loves the movie Cars. She laughs hardest when McQueen ends up in the cactus. She turned 3 on Thursday...

Football on Cake Central


By Lauralee915

Football Thanks to rstml for the inspiration! The rice krispie treat was a great idea - it held up well & was light enough to just place on...

Exotic Cupcakes on Cake Central

Exotic Cupcakes

By LiliS

Exotic Cupcakes Late night treat, chocolate fudge cupcakes decorated in brightly coloured fondant, daisy cutouts.

Mr. Mckenzie on Cake Central

Mr. Mckenzie

By frog80

Mr. Mckenzie This was for the principal at my son's school. The secretaries and assistant principal got it for him. He is a big Carolina...

Bucs Cake on Cake Central

Bucs Cake

By dmoonogoddessc

Bucs Cake I made this cake for my soon to be husband's birthday. It is a Trick or Treat cake (marble) with buttercream icing, gel, and a...

Chalk Board Cake on Cake Central

Chalk Board Cake

By dmoonogoddessc

Chalk Board Cake I made this cake for a friend in that is in my education classes with me. It is a Trick or Treat cake (marble). It has...

United Way Cake on Cake Central

United Way Cake

By inspireddecorator

United Way Cake This is the other cake I made for our United Way Treat Auction. The hands on top is the symbol they use at work for our...

Witch And Dracula on Cake Central

Witch And Dracula

By cakegirl68

Witch And Dracula Both are made out fondant and gumpaste with CMC, this is for another other I have for Halloween. Thank you for looking.

St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes on Cake Central

St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes

By selecia

St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes These cupcakes were for my class for St. Patricks's Day and as a treat for solving a Cam Jansen mystery.

Soccer Jersey Cookies on Cake Central

Soccer Jersey Cookies

By dandelion56602

Soccer Jersey Cookies I did these for my dd's after game treat. My 1st attempt in a long time to decorate cookies. Sugar cookies w/ RI.

Elmo Says"lets Party" on Cake Central

Elmo Says"lets Party"


Elmo Says"lets Party"

Trick Or Treat Bag on Cake Central

Trick Or Treat Bag

By mme

Trick Or Treat Bag Chocolate cake with mocha buttercream for my staff social at work. The sides of the bag are fondant/gumpaste that I...

Trick Or Treat Bag - Front View on Cake Central

Trick Or Treat Bag - Front View

By Jocmom

Trick Or Treat Bag - Front View Buttercream frosting, fondant . . . candy! There are fondant ghost all around the bag - eating candy and...

Cat In The Bag! on Cake Central

Cat In The Bag!

By pastryjen

Cat In The Bag! A 9" sq Pillsbury halloween sprinkle cake covered with MMF. The cat's head ('s supposed to be a cat) is made from...

Purple Doll on Cake Central

Purple Doll

By kmartinezgarcia

Purple Doll Purple doll was made for my niece in her 7th birthday. Her mom had ordered a cake for the other guest, so the doll was more for...

Halloween Cupcakes on Cake Central

Halloween Cupcakes

By oceanspitfire

Halloween Cupcakes oh gosh it's been too long since I did anything-too busy-so boy this was fun! A small selection of some cupcakes I did...

Moons, Pumpkins, Ghosts, And Bats, Oh My on Cake Central

Moons, Pumpkins, Ghosts, And Bats, Oh My

By MistyRomack

Moons, Pumpkins, Ghosts, And Bats, Oh My I made random cookie boxes and everywhere I went on Halloween passed these out with my business...