Baby Sweetpea Cupcakes on Cake Central

Baby Sweetpea Cupcakes

By JaneK

Baby Sweetpea Cupcakes made 15 little sweetpea baby cupcakes for shower tomorrow...they are choc cupcakes with fondant babies, peas and...

Grey Elephant Cupcakes on Cake Central

Grey Elephant Cupcakes

By bjfranco

Grey Elephant Cupcakes All Butter Cream Icing for a little girl who likes elephants. This is my second set for this client. I have...

Creepy Cupcakes on Cake Central

Creepy Cupcakes

By springlakecake

Creepy Cupcakes I just made these quickly for a back woods bonfire tomorrow night. The ideas were pretty much from the wilton cupcakes....

Gold And White Baby Shower Cupcakes on Cake Central

Gold And White Baby Shower Cupcakes

By Honey_Cakes

Gold And White Baby Shower Cupcakes Baby Shower cupcakes for a white and gold themed baby shower. Choc mud cake with fondant decorations....

Fondant Vegetable Crates With Vegetable Topped Cupcakes on Cake Central

Fondant Vegetable Crates With Vegetable Topped Cupcakes

By thecakemaker

Fondant Vegetable Crates With Vegetable Topped Cupcakes My take on a fondant vegetable crate. The brides mom liked the look of my bushel of...

Butterfly Cupcake Cake on Cake Central

Butterfly Cupcake Cake

By Amylou

Butterfly Cupcake Cake Cupcake cake for my daughter's 1-year birthday. 22 cupcakes to make this cake...

Race Car Cupcakes on Cake Central

Race Car Cupcakes

By catherien

Race Car Cupcakes easy to make with a great effect

New Pastures Cake on Cake Central

New Pastures Cake

By JaneK

New Pastures Cake This was a going away cake for 3 guys who are leaving our company..originally it was for just 1 guy ...but then it turned...

Castle Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Castle Birthday Cake

By SheilaF

Castle Birthday Cake My 3 y/o is having a Cinderella birthday party tomorrow. This is the castle cake I made for the event. I'm very happy...

Winter Cupcakes on Cake Central

Winter Cupcakes

By ThanhThanh

Winter Cupcakes All of these are standard cupcakes, but I added extra buttercream icing to make them look bigger or higher

Groundhog Day Cupcakes on Cake Central

Groundhog Day Cupcakes

By missyv110

Groundhog Day Cupcakes Hey, any reason to make cupcakes, right? Thanks to other CCers who made similar cupcakes last year for the...

Tower Of 400 Mini Cupcakes on Cake Central

Tower Of 400 Mini Cupcakes

By antonia74

Tower Of 400 Mini Cupcakes What a lot of work! Yikes!! Mini vanilla cupcakes with handmade pink gumpaste flowers with edible pearl centres...

Mini Replica Wedding Cake For 1St Anniversary on Cake Central

Mini Replica Wedding Cake For 1St Anniversary

By antonia74

Mini Replica Wedding Cake For 1St Anniversary I include this free on a client's annivesary if they book their wedding cake/cupcakes with me...

Hamburger Cupcakes on Cake Central

Hamburger Cupcakes

By bleckwoman

Hamburger Cupcakes I made these for a family reunion last summer! They were a hit with the kids and the adults! I had so many questions...

Tulip Bridal Shower on Cake Central

Tulip Bridal Shower


Tulip Bridal Shower The terra cotta pot is yellow cake with MMF. I torted it twice and put boards and dowels to make serving easier. What a...

First Cupcake Bouquet Attempt! on Cake Central

First Cupcake Bouquet Attempt!


First Cupcake Bouquet Attempt! OK, so I had left over batter and icing from the frog cake I did so I made cupcakes and frosted them (...

Bug Cupcakes on Cake Central

Bug Cupcakes

By montanakate

Bug Cupcakes These were cupcakes make for daycare. They were studying bugs and other critters and I thought these would be fun. They loved...

Movie Reels And Popcorn on Cake Central

Movie Reels And Popcorn

By Funcakegal

Movie Reels And Popcorn This was so much fun to make. A friend's friend was turning 21 and was having a movie theme party. Got the idea...

Cupcakes For Teachers' Day on Cake Central

Cupcakes For Teachers' Day

By minchan

Cupcakes For Teachers' Day My 7-year-old daughter brought these to school for her teachers. She and her schoolmate helped make the bumble...

October Babies on Cake Central

October Babies

By rustidog

October Babies Since there are twelve of us in the family celebrating our birthdays in October. I decided to make this Baby Cupcakes with a...

Crayon B-Day on Cake Central

Crayon B-Day

By missyek

Crayon B-Day This was for a little boy turning 1. It is a 11 x 15 carved to look like a crayon box and icecream cones for the tips of the...

Baby Cake -Stephanie on Cake Central

Baby Cake -Stephanie

By Cakerer

Baby Cake -Stephanie I was so dissapointed in this cake! I learned that it is super important not to try to stretch your fondant (by...

Butterfly Cupcake Cake on Cake Central

Butterfly Cupcake Cake

By Pattrice

Butterfly Cupcake Cake The cake was made up of cupcakes put together to make a cake. I airbrushed the colors on the cake.

Cupcake Wedding Cake on Cake Central

Cupcake Wedding Cake

By joellephillips

Cupcake Wedding Cake My sister's wedding cake. First time doing one. Totally stressed out. Lots of trial and error. Over 150 cupcakes, not...

Cupcake Bouquet on Cake Central

Cupcake Bouquet

By sdrosie

Cupcake Bouquet This is my first attempt at making a cupcake bouquet, Getting the cupcakes to stick and stay on the toothpicks was the...

Christmas Ornaments In Gift Boxes on Cake Central

Christmas Ornaments In Gift Boxes

By susgene

Christmas Ornaments In Gift Boxes These are cupcakes with the mini ball halves on top - covered in buttercream and fondant. Decorated with...