Sheep Cupcakes

By Copacabanya

Sheep Cupcakes Lesson learned on these? Never agree to make 36 of anything with legs! lol


Spongebob Cake

By Clairy

Spongebob Cake This is my first stacked cake. I wish I stacked the top tier the opposite way, but lesson learned. This was a birthday cake...


Valentines Cake

By rouv

Valentines Cake Just wanted to make something for valentines day, hence the small cake. Will also look great tiered. Had some challenges...


5Th Slumber Party Birthday Cake

By olgaCake

5Th Slumber Party Birthday Cake THis cake was made for 5 years old girl Slumber party. The bed board has 5 candles in it. And mom asked me...


Pink Fairy Castle

By Katinka_Mae

Pink Fairy Castle Madeira cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant. Based on a Debbie Brown cake. Delivering this 30 miles away was a bit...


Elegant Blue And White Wedding Cake

By eXtremecakes

Elegant Blue And White Wedding Cake This cake was one of those rare occasions where the couple gave me free rein in the creation of the...


Purple And Gold

By BosCakes

Purple And Gold Practice cake....lesson learned: buttercream icing doesn't work as well as royal for detailed least not for me...


Chocolate Celebration

By forthwife

Chocolate Celebration Chocolate fondant with gumpaste daisies and vines. Major lesson learned from this one, don't agree to make a cake...


White Chocolate & Strawberries

By spottydog

White Chocolate & Strawberries This taught me to NEVER take short cuts! As per the styrofoam dummy you can plainly see. Arrggg. I will be...


Topsy Turvy 3 Tier

By allibopp5

Topsy Turvy 3 Tier Loved making this one. Learned a lot about travelling with a topsy turvy cake, like DON"T!!!! A lesson in cake stability...


Cookie Cakes

By Cindra

Cookie Cakes I posted a sample on here before, but this is the finished product. They took FOREVER and definately didn't charge nearly...


For Stephanie-Boy Or Girl?

By jscakes

For Stephanie-Boy Or Girl? The parents chose not to know the sex of the baby before the birth! 10" strawberry, 8" vanilla, and 6" chocolate...


Mikko Word 1 - Lumpy

By Verina

Mikko Word 1 - Lumpy For the first birthday of my nephew - chocolate cake with BC filling. Heffalump made from gumpaste (got eaten!). First...


Jungle Animals Birthday

By DSmo

Jungle Animals Birthday Another lesson learned... assemble and paint the animals BEFORE putting them on the cake. It's amazing what a...


Yellow, White And Green Two Tier

By Kaytecake

Yellow, White And Green Two Tier This was my first practice faux cake. I covered craft styro with fondant and glued them together. I used...


Princess Castle

By Tracy7953

Princess Castle My first castle!! I have wanted to make one forever and finally someone ordered one. Its a 10", 6" & 4" french vanilla sour...


Fondant Cows

By RetiredNavyChief

Fondant Cows First attempt at fondant cows. The setting one turned out pretty good. I had some trouble with the standing one, legs breaking...


Salvaged Disaster

By artsywest

Salvaged Disaster I did this wedding cake for my cousin's daughter. I made the mistake of assembling the cake at home, trusting in the cake...


Snowglobe From Hell

By SweetDreams

Snowglobe From Hell This was my second cake from hell. I was so inspired when i saw boween's snowglobe cake that i wanted to try it for a...



By Toniprev

Handbag This was done very last minute.. baked cakes in morning... and decorated that afternoon!!! Never again!! Big lesson leanrned from...


Copy Of Martha's Chocolate Charlotte Cake

By antonia74

Copy Of Martha's Chocolate Charlotte Cake Okay, so I learned a valuable lesson doing this cake....the tiers MUST be at least 4" different...


Gran's 88Th

By amberhoney

Gran's 88Th Let this be a lesson to you all - don't try and decorate when you are hungover and coping on 3 hours sleep. I left this until...


Snowflake Cake

By frankandcathy

Snowflake Cake This was one of the first cakes I did. It was iced in white buttercream with royal icing snowflakes. At the time, I didn't...


Castle Cake

By Kiddiekakes

Castle Cake The cake turned out okay..I like the colors but lesson time I will use round pans..the Hexagons were hard to get...


Hollie & Jason

By scgriffiths

Hollie & Jason Wow, my first topsy-turvy wedding cake!! It was a bit nerve-wracking - especially the 1 hour drive to deliver it, but it...


Lightsaber Cupcake Cake

By Stone

Lightsaber Cupcake Cake This was my second cupcake cake and first time to try FBCT. Thanks to all the ideas from people here! I think there...