My First Pillow Cake

By lilmansmum

My First Pillow Cake I finally did it. I made my first pillow cake. This was sort of a practice run for what I plan to do for my little...


Gerber Daisy Baby

By TJCanadian

Gerber Daisy Baby Here is the close up of the little gerber daisy was all I could do to paint on eyes and poke in a mouth and...


Hibiscus Flowers

By Harabekah

Hibiscus Flowers Hibiscus flower petals are made of gumpaste, stamens are store made and colored. I could not find how to make them...


Graduation Books Cake

By Sharoo

Graduation Books Cake Largest book was about 9x13, but was very tall. Chemistry book was about 7x11ish, and top book was about 5x7ish. Sour...


Coffee Cup Cupcakes

By Elise87

Coffee Cup Cupcakes These are some coffee cup cupcakes that I did for my mumâs birthday afternoon tea. I have wanted to do these for...


Fall Leaves Wedding Cake

By Nanabug

Fall Leaves Wedding Cake Small wedding cake, 4,6,8 inch layers. Ivory buttercream, leaves made with fondant and gumpaste, colored with gel...


Wine And Cheese Basket

By Lisa7401

Wine And Cheese Basket This was a white and red velvet checkerboard cake with cream cheese basketweave. Top and "food" is all fondant, wine...


Golf Ball Cake With Handpainted Golf Course

By jessdessertsblog

Golf Ball Cake With Handpainted Golf Course This is a cake I made for my dad's birthday. It is a 5 inch cake and I think it measured about...


Valentine's Painter Bear

By psmith

Valentine's Painter Bear This is a gumpaste bear. I found the shaggy bear tutorial at:


Pirate Cake

By argentina

Pirate Cake The ship is all cake covered in fondant, the sails are wooden dowels covered with fondant , the pirate is made out of fondant.I...


Pink Purse Cake

By FranceP

Pink Purse Cake This is my very first purse cake. The purse is made out of 6 thin layers of vanilla cake, filled with vanilla buttercream;...


Cirque Du Bebe

By Ili

Cirque Du Bebe 3 tiers of fondant, top & bottom are zebra print, center is individual diamond cut to match the baby shower them of Cirque...


Shopping Cart Cake


Shopping Cart Cake This cake was done in 5 hours and I am amazed at the result. Although there are alot of imperfections, it was done for...