Alice In Wonderland on Cake Central

Alice In Wonderland

By Jelena

Alice In Wonderland I made this cake for my sister's 24th Birthday. The bottom two cakes are fake becuase it would be too much cake. All...

My Own 50Th Birthday Cake on Cake Central

My Own 50Th Birthday Cake

By kakekrafts

My Own 50Th Birthday Cake I just turned golden this June. I thought my cake should best describe me---cake artist, bold and whimsical, free...

Novelty Wedding Cake on Cake Central

Novelty Wedding Cake

By katharry

Novelty Wedding Cake This cake has aged me ten years this week. Figures, flowers and pergola are gumpaste. Thanks to everyone who helped...

Baby Bassinett on Cake Central

Baby Bassinett

By sarahscakes

Baby Bassinett I did this cake last night for a baby shower. They were supposed to pick it up today at 1:00. But the pregnant lady went...

Horse on Cake Central


By torki

Horse I was asked (heavily persuaded) to try and make a replica of a horse statue for a display. After a few hiccups....amputation of the...

Stripes With Sugar Vase on Cake Central

Stripes With Sugar Vase

By JenniferMI

Stripes With Sugar Vase Hi! I loved the way this came out, classic and elegant. The flowers are gumpaste and the vase is sugar...

Pumpkin Pearl Drops on Cake Central

Pumpkin Pearl Drops

By ellepal

Pumpkin Pearl Drops We did this cake today for a bride who had a pumpkin theme....she loved this design! It was a ton of work, but probably...

Maia's 1St Birthday on Cake Central

Maia's 1St Birthday

By surfgirl

Maia's 1St Birthday So I finally put together the animal train I made a few months ago for my DD 1st Bday. Marble cake with dulce de leche...

Pampered Puppy on Cake Central

Pampered Puppy

By talmas

Pampered Puppy My entry for the OK Sugar Art Show. The matresses and dog are all cake. I painted everything with a paintbrush. The base is...

Gumpaste Angel Babies on Cake Central

Gumpaste Angel Babies

By brendaanne

Gumpaste Angel Babies The little angels and their baby 'things' are made from gumpaste. The halos are 20 gauge floral wire. I liked these...

Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat Wedding Cake on Cake Central

Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat Wedding Cake

By antonia74

Alice In Wonderland Cheshire Cat Wedding Cake This was SO much easier to do in buttercream! I'll never go back to struggling to cover these...

Heart-Shaped Pillow Of Flowers on Cake Central

Heart-Shaped Pillow Of Flowers

By Sugarflowers

Heart-Shaped Pillow Of Flowers This is my all time favorite piece. It was made with white chocolate gumpaste for a chocoloate festival...

Black And White Mini Wedd. Cake on Cake Central

Black And White Mini Wedd. Cake

By helipops

Black And White Mini Wedd. Cake Did these in fondant. 50 minis in choc fond. and 50 minis in white fond. Topper is an 8" sq. done in choc....

A Sweet Garden on Cake Central

A Sweet Garden

By claylady

A Sweet Garden This was my first cake decorating class. White fondant base with gumpaste decorations.

Duck Cake on Cake Central

Duck Cake

By KarenOR

Duck Cake This was for some friends who were big UO fans and first time parents. he owns a Red Robin, so that character was included. Mini-...

Lavendar Roses And Scrolls on Cake Central

Lavendar Roses And Scrolls

By heavenlycakes

Lavendar Roses And Scrolls 4 tier wedding cake I did today. 4 flavors: bottom: carrot w/ white choco. cream cheese filling, next - yellow w...

Hat Box Cake Side View on Cake Central

Hat Box Cake Side View

By JaneK

Hat Box Cake Side View side view of the hat box I just posted...used Fairytale's instructions and I was very pleased with how it turned out...

Snowman Hat Box on Cake Central

Snowman Hat Box

By talmas

Snowman Hat Box My other entry in the OSSAS. It made 1st in the adult advanced Holiday category. Covered in fondant with fondant/gumpaste...

Fairy Unicorn Garden Cake on Cake Central

Fairy Unicorn Garden Cake

By JaneK

Fairy Unicorn Garden Cake For a 4 yr old's birthday many thanks my friends, Aine2 for her superb modeling tutorial found on her...

Laptop On Desk Grooms Cake on Cake Central

Laptop On Desk Grooms Cake

By sugarfancy

Laptop On Desk Grooms Cake Laptop covered in fondant with gumpaste keys and logos. All hand painted. The desk was painted to resemble wood...

Hat Box Cake on Cake Central

Hat Box Cake

By DesignerCakes

Hat Box Cake WASC cake, torted and filled with two layers of homemade strawberry filling, and IMBC flavored with Citrus Rum and sliced...

Roses And Bows on Cake Central

Roses And Bows

By sugarshack

Roses And Bows buttercream with gumpaste bows and roses

Gumpaste Shoe Template on Cake Central

Gumpaste Shoe Template

By boonenati

Gumpaste Shoe Template This template is required to make the gumpaste shoe i submitted earlier today. You can find the instructions that go...

Pink Roses on Cake Central

Pink Roses

By tutugirl

Pink Roses Gumpaste pink roses and buttercream icing.

Challenging Myself on Cake Central

Challenging Myself

By DesignerCakes

Challenging Myself I was watching Ron Ben Isreal on Sugar Rush a few weeks ago and decided to challenge myself by making a dummy cake with...

Shawn's Wedding Cake on Cake Central

Shawn's Wedding Cake

By talmas

Shawn's Wedding Cake Wedding present cake is 6,9,12,14". Gumpaste bow that I am extremely pleased with. The best bow I have ever made. I am...