Mini Cakes on Cake Central

Mini Cakes

By Shelbyweeg

Mini Cakes The covering is real chocolate made with transfer sheets and wrapped around 4 layers of chocolate cake with raspberry filling...

31St Birthday For Lady Que! on Cake Central

31St Birthday For Lady Que!

By HamSquad

31St Birthday For Lady Que! My dear adopted child Laque, allowed me to explore a lot of avenues with this cake. Used my Cricut Cake Machine...

Another Fondant Free Purse! on Cake Central

Another Fondant Free Purse!

By doramoreno62

Another Fondant Free Purse! Here is another purse that I covered in Icing Images edible sheets after frosting it with Pastry Pride. All the...

55Th Birthday Purse Cake For Ms. Moore! on Cake Central

55Th Birthday Purse Cake For Ms. Moore!

By HamSquad

55Th Birthday Purse Cake For Ms. Moore! This purse cake was requested by a dear family friend who grew up with my family in my home town....

55Th Halloween Birthday on Cake Central

55Th Halloween Birthday

By HamSquad

55Th Halloween Birthday I broke out my dusty Cake Cricut to cut out Wilton white sugar sheets that were sprayed orange for the branches...

Carved 2009 Cake on Cake Central

Carved 2009 Cake

By lkoenig07

Carved 2009 Cake Found this idea on here, but forgot by who - sorry! This was made for my husband's grad party from college. His school...

60 & Fabulous -April 2015 on Cake Central

60 & Fabulous -April 2015

By KarenK55

60 & Fabulous -April 2015 12" sq bottom tier & 12" heart top tier; bottom tier chocolate cake with fresh raspberry filling; top tier...

Music For Her 21St Birthday! on Cake Central

Music For Her 21St Birthday!

By HamSquad

Music For Her 21St Birthday! Cake restored for our family friend LaQuinna. She had a bad mishap at a big box store! It came to me with no...

Graduation Book on Cake Central

Graduation Book

By pepermartin

Graduation Book Half carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and filling and half chocolate nut cake with chocolate filling and cream cheese...

Basketball_003.jpg on Cake Central


By diane

Basketball_003.jpg this is a birthday cake for two ladies who play basketball. the customer wanted two 1/4 sheets put together. the...

Fashion Cake on Cake Central

Fashion Cake

By diane

Fashion Cake this cake was for a customer who is in to fashion and loves the colors pink and light green. it's two quarter sheets put...

Elementary School Graduation Cake on Cake Central

Elementary School Graduation Cake

By tgirl22

Elementary School Graduation Cake Full sheet marble cake with buttercream frosting, royal icing roses and leaves, and edible image sheets....

Red Tapestry on Cake Central

Red Tapestry

By kerririchards

Red Tapestry This is the "before" picture for the suitcase cake. I liked it much better just like this - but the client wanted it to be a...

Powder_Blue_Baby_Bear.jpg on Cake Central


By MrsEdwards

Powder_Blue_Baby_Bear.jpg This is a simple chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and I used Frositng sheets on each "page"

Chocolate Fudge Cake With Chocolate Transfer Plaques on Cake Central

Chocolate Fudge Cake With Chocolate Transfer Plaques

By izzybee

Chocolate Fudge Cake With Chocolate Transfer Plaques Chocolate Fudge cake with fudge frosting. I made chocolate transfer plaques for the...

50Th Birthday.. on Cake Central

50Th Birthday..

By cakelover888

50Th Birthday.. Chocolate torted cake with butter cream frosting and fondant. I really need to hon in on my picture taking skills.I don't...

Day's 50Th Anniversary on Cake Central

Day's 50Th Anniversary

By anne4588

Day's 50Th Anniversary Centerpiece cake, is 2 tier 6" and 8" white cake with raspberry filling, white chocolate raspberry filling and...

Dora-Cake_080Resized.jpg on Cake Central


By Rochelle1

Dora-Cake_080Resized.jpg I had such a warm time with this cake. The cake burnt and it was a character pan. I had to trim off the top so I...

Wedding Cake on Cake Central

Wedding Cake

By buster1267

Wedding Cake This was a dummy cake I made with our wedding pic on top. That was the first pic we did with our printer with the sheets of...

Graduation Cakes on Cake Central

Graduation Cakes

By oboemommy

Graduation Cakes Yellow with Chocolate filling and Chocolate with Raspberry filling cakes (both 1/2 sheets). Am. BC for the frosting/...

Quickie 1/2 Sheet Wedding #2 on Cake Central

Quickie 1/2 Sheet Wedding #2

By sparklynne

Quickie 1/2 Sheet Wedding #2 This is the 2nd of two 1/2 sheets that were order last minute for an informal outdoor wedding. The client...

Wedding Cupcakes on Cake Central

Wedding Cupcakes

By 1nanette

Wedding Cupcakes This was a Christmas wedding. The groom wanted cupcakes and the bride wanted giftboxes. So the compromise was cupcakes on...

Hershey's Kiss Cake on Cake Central

Hershey's Kiss Cake

By melvin01

Hershey's Kiss Cake Well, that's what it's SUPPOSED to be anyway. I'm not happy with how it turned out, but the teacher it was for liked it...

Danielle on Cake Central


By ebonyeyes

Danielle This is a vanilla cake. Blue dragees and frosting make up the top. The outer skirt is made from 2 sheets of edible paper. I used...

American Flag on Cake Central

American Flag


American Flag A full sheet(2 11x17 cakes put together) chocolate cake with Chocolate buttercream frosting. The red, white and blue crumbles...

Gymnastics/baseball Cake on Cake Central

Gymnastics/baseball Cake

By robinscakes

Gymnastics/baseball Cake This was hard to do: combine a gymnastics theme and a baseball theme in the same cake, and each child wanted a...