Princess Dora on Cake Central

Princess Dora

By Lisa

Princess Dora I originally planned to use the Wilton Dora pan by just changing her clothes but it was too small for the hair and dress. I...

My First Use Of Frosting Sheets on Cake Central

My First Use Of Frosting Sheets

By Crimsicle

My First Use Of Frosting Sheets I had used wafer paper previously, but this was my first frosting sheet. Loved the outcome. It's tempting...

Precious Moments on Cake Central

Precious Moments

By auntginn

Precious Moments The book design using precious moments was made for a 1st comunion. I used frosting sheets for each side of the cake

Red Tapestry on Cake Central

Red Tapestry

By kerririchards

Red Tapestry This is the "before" picture for the suitcase cake. I liked it much better just like this - but the client wanted it to be a...

Spidey on Cake Central


By Lisa

Spidey Spidey is a frosting sheets. I cut the cake to match the shape of the image.

Elementary School Graduation Cake on Cake Central

Elementary School Graduation Cake

By tgirl22

Elementary School Graduation Cake Full sheet marble cake with buttercream frosting, royal icing roses and leaves, and edible image sheets....

Basketball_003.jpg on Cake Central


By diane

Basketball_003.jpg this is a birthday cake for two ladies who play basketball. the customer wanted two 1/4 sheets put together. the...

Birthday Cookies For A Beach Lover on Cake Central

Birthday Cookies For A Beach Lover

By AlamoSweets

Birthday Cookies For A Beach Lover My Son-in-law and and Daughter love going to the coast. For his birthday instead of a birthday cake I...

Cars Cake on Cake Central

Cars Cake

By rezzygirl

Cars Cake 1/2 sheet cake. Edible image of lightning mcqueen. The top check pattern is also EI. The side check pattern is are piped...

One And Only One on Cake Central

One And Only One

By AlamoSweets

One And Only One This took so long I will never do one again. The baby crib even has the sheet and bed skirt and the blanket was made with...

Large Sheet Cake, Hollywood Theme on Cake Central

Large Sheet Cake, Hollywood Theme

By loriemoms

Large Sheet Cake, Hollywood Theme Face is blanked out...large sheet cake, butter cream, photo frosting sheets used for designs. Gold edging...

Princess Ladybug Party Cookie Favors on Cake Central

Princess Ladybug Party Cookie Favors

By teesue

Princess Ladybug Party Cookie Favors I made these for favors for my daughters birthday party. I had stickers made and took them to get...

Baby Shower on Cake Central

Baby Shower

By hellie0h

Baby Shower So many problems with this cake. the humidity was very high and had problems for the first time with frosting sheets and images...

Powder_Blue_Baby_Bear.jpg on Cake Central


By MrsEdwards

Powder_Blue_Baby_Bear.jpg This is a simple chocolate cake with buttercream frosting and I used Frositng sheets on each "page"

Batman Birthday on Cake Central

Batman Birthday

By abslu

Batman Birthday I made this cake for the son of one of my co-workers. For some reason she had bought the cakes and she just wanted me to...

Tinkerbell.jpg on Cake Central


By AgentCakeBaker

Tinkerbell.jpg With this cake I ran out of frosting sheets so I had to make my own image. I printed the image in color then cut it out and...

Red Robin Cookies on Cake Central

Red Robin Cookies

By nautkl1

Red Robin Cookies 1st time using the kopykake frosting sheets! I'm hooked! These were for our Red Robin restaurant - there were 4 cookie...

Place Card Cookies on Cake Central

Place Card Cookies

By izzybee

Place Card Cookies bride wanted edible favors, and suggested making the place card cookies. They were No fail sugar cookies with CK royal...

Chocolate Fudge Cake With Chocolate Transfer Plaques on Cake Central

Chocolate Fudge Cake With Chocolate Transfer Plaques

By izzybee

Chocolate Fudge Cake With Chocolate Transfer Plaques Chocolate Fudge cake with fudge frosting. I made chocolate transfer plaques for the...

Spiderman on Cake Central


By Eshed

Spiderman This cake was made for a 4 year old child who adores spiderman...

R2D2 Lights Up The Day on Cake Central

R2D2 Lights Up The Day

By zeek71

R2D2 Lights Up The Day This 3D R2D2 is a 3-tier chocolate cake. The bottom 2 tiers are 6" rounds, each is 2-layers. The head is a 6" round...

Dragon Ball Z on Cake Central

Dragon Ball Z

By hellie0h

Dragon Ball Z Grandson requested a Dragon Ball Z BD cake, Had some problems with the airbrush splattering, and the edible images were...

Camera Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Camera Birthday Cake

By cinjam

Camera Birthday Cake 2 layer 12" round, covered in BC, with edible photos around the sides. Camera was 50/50 gumpaste & fondant over a RCT...

Hannah Montana Cake on Cake Central

Hannah Montana Cake

By Kimlee

Hannah Montana Cake This is my 1st time using frosting sheets

Bible Cake With Printed Icing Sheet on Cake Central

Bible Cake With Printed Icing Sheet

By icingimages

Bible Cake With Printed Icing Sheet This cake by Is It Really Cake was topped off with our Premium Icing Sheets. The verses were printed...

Mothers Day Cake on Cake Central

Mothers Day Cake

By Sweetcakes23

Mothers Day Cake This was a dummy cake I made to try out my basketweave and my new printer for frosting sheets and images. It puts a...