Princess First Birthday on Cake Central

Princess First Birthday

By mcalk

Princess First Birthday Strawberry cake with cream cheese icing. Birthday girl loved it. We did 1 for the photo shoot, and 1 for the party...

Easter Celebration on Cake Central

Easter Celebration

By Shelbyweeg

Easter Celebration Easter cake is done. It's a lemon and raspberry cake with lemon cream cheese frosting. Yummy! Happy Easter everyone!

Sweet 16 on Cake Central

Sweet 16

By court776

Sweet 16 Red velvet and cream cheese frosting

Confirmation Cake - Saint Benedict on Cake Central

Confirmation Cake - Saint Benedict

By ReginaCoeliB

Confirmation Cake - Saint Benedict A Confirmation cake for a young man that chose St. Benedict as his Confirmation Saint. The inside of the...

Cupcake Tower on Cake Central

Cupcake Tower

By mcalk

Cupcake Tower 6" strawberry cake with cream cheese icing, strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese icing made for a going away party with...

Christmas Lightstrand Cupcake on Cake Central

Christmas Lightstrand Cupcake

By mcalk

Christmas Lightstrand Cupcake red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, mini m&m's for the bulbs

Bleeding Heart Cake on Cake Central

Bleeding Heart Cake

By CakesbyCorrine

Bleeding Heart Cake modeling chocolate hand formed heart painted with food colouring gel. red velvet cake and cream cheese icing. Taking...

Heron Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Heron Birthday Cake

By ann wright

Heron Birthday Cake I have always wanted to do a cake version of a heron painting I have in my bathroom. This tall cake is two layers of...

Red Velvet Drip Cake on Cake Central

Red Velvet Drip Cake

By Tammy1176

Red Velvet Drip Cake Red Velvet cake, cream cheese frosting with cake crumbs. Topped with red velvet ganache.

Cow Birthday on Cake Central

Cow Birthday

By mcalk

Cow Birthday Strawberry cake with cream cheese buttercream and fondant spots for an 18th birthday.

Fall Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Fall Birthday Cake

By weluvpiggies

Fall Birthday Cake I made this for my own birthday. It's a vegan, gluten free pumpkin cake with vegan cream cheese buttercream. Thanks!

Baby Shower Cupcakes on Cake Central

Baby Shower Cupcakes

By LaurenKwas

Baby Shower Cupcakes Cupcakes frosted with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles

Nono 12Th Birth Day on Cake Central

Nono 12Th Birth Day

By Tvilar

Nono 12Th Birth Day red velvet stuffed with brigadeiro cream topped with cheese cream

The Baby Girl Olivia Is Coming on Cake Central

The Baby Girl Olivia Is Coming

By Tvilar

The Baby Girl Olivia Is Coming chocolate cake with brigadeiro filling and cream cheese topping with white chocolate and coconut milk

Sue's 2020 Birthday Cake on Cake Central

Sue's 2020 Birthday Cake

By SandraSmiley

Sue's 2020 Birthday Cake Magnolia cake with cream cheese frosting.

Dolphin on Cake Central


By gottcake

Dolphin Carrot cake with cream cheese. First time decorating with cream cheese icing

Mini Carrot Cake on Cake Central

Mini Carrot Cake

By CailyCollins

Mini Carrot Cake Mini cake, carrot with cream cheese icing and topper with crushed pecans

Liverpool Cake on Cake Central

Liverpool Cake

By Hmcorc

Liverpool Cake For my husband, wish I had used a stencil or stamps. Didn’t have time with homeschooling chaos. so I had to free hand...

Happy Birthday Eleanor on Cake Central

Happy Birthday Eleanor

By jchuck

Happy Birthday Eleanor This is a small birthday carrot cake for my next door neighbour and bestie, who turned 60. I only had a day to bake...

Luau...part 2. Cupcakes on Cake Central

Luau...part 2. Cupcakes

By oceanspitfire

Luau...part 2. Cupcakes Along with the coconut on the beach. Covid decision to make individual cupcakes instead of a big cake. I also did...

Flower Garden on Cake Central

Flower Garden

By janet46

Flower Garden Young lady’s 18th birthday cake. She asked for something delicate and pretty with lots of tiny flowers. The cake was...

Antigravity Coffee Cup Cake on Cake Central

Antigravity Coffee Cup Cake

By sslaght09

Antigravity Coffee Cup Cake Mocha cake filled with Baileys Irish Creme cream cheese whipped cream filling and crushed chocolate covered...

Winter Wonderland on Cake Central

Winter Wonderland

By Beverly Edwards

Winter Wonderland Red velvet with cream cheese frosting

Sunflower on Cake Central


By bsesender

Sunflower I am just starting to bake and decorate as a hobby. Sometimes the decorating is nice and the taste not sho much and other things...

Toy Story Cupcakes on Cake Central

Toy Story Cupcakes

By mcalk

Toy Story Cupcakes You're never too old for Disney. My daughter wanted Beauty & the Beast as well as Toy Story cupcakes for her 20th...

Amethyst Cake on Cake Central

Amethyst Cake

By spoonfae

Amethyst Cake My first official cake sale, which kicked off the rest. Ube cake, coconut cream cheese frosting inside, ube buttercream...